I have attempted a blog post twice. The first time, I was locked out almost immediately and had to close the editor box(i couldn't navigate out any other way). No big deal I hadn't even started writing yet...The second time though. I had almost finished my first blog post and it did it again. A grey overlay comes up and covers my blog with a big red X in the top right corner. I can't do anything except close out of the editor. I was still optimistic, I went to the history bar in the right side of the blog screen when I reopened it. There shows two blog post at 2:01 am(weird since they were attempted several hours apart), but I can't even see if my drafts are there. Can someone please help? I really don't want to keep having to rewrite an introduction again and again. The last one was really shaping up to be a good one too....:{
Oh and there isn't an appropriate category to select so I chose author of the month...
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