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  • Only The Strong Can Survive
    Open Group Help 3 Members
    In life there are times when the body becomes very weak, exhausted from depression. We feel as if we're losers
    and that nobody wants us around. God has a different opinion about our lives today. He will be the one that will give you the strength, courage, inspiration and motivation to face life's unbearable, unreasonable tasks.
    Conti...nue to be strong night and day no matter what you're facing-lost or endured he is able to give you that
    love, strength and embrace from above.
    Aleja Bennett Thursday, 24 February 2011
  • All I Can Do Is Stand
    Open Group Help 5 Members
    This group has been created due to the Author only knowing how to stand through the trials and tribulations of her life.
    When we share our strengths, hopes and encouragement with another person. We are enabling another human being to stand through another trial that life has thrown their way.

    What have you had to stand for in... your life? Did you ever fall at one time then picked yourself
    back up? I know that I have fallen but what matters is that we don't stay there. We stand when we just have a little strength left in us to stand on those weak legs after being abused, raped, abandoned, molested and adopted. Standing shows so much strength as it builds up strength in us to face that next task that comes our way.

    What does it mean to stand? How and why have you been standing? Let's empower others to stand through doors being closed and opened. We ned to stand when there is no book sales. Stand when our loved ones have passed on. Stand through the most devastating times in life. Just Stand.
    Aleja Bennett Thursday, 24 February 2011