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  • Dawn of the Ice Age
    Open Group Author 2 Members
    This Group is Strictly Dedicated to Kr Bankston Series Thin Ice. There Will Be No Other Author's Work Advertise or Posted or Discuss in this Group. The Only Work That Will Be Discuss Here is The Thin Ice Series.... Please Respect And Follow The Rules... Enjoy Your Time Here In The Thin Ice World.... 
    Shawnda Hamilton Saturday, 07 April 2012
  • Dramatic Romance
    Open Group Author 5 Members
    Welcome to Dramatic Romance where you can keep up with all the latest and hottest novels from Author Stephanie N Norris.  Let's have fun and enjoy!
    Stephanie N Norris Thursday, 05 April 2012
  • Relationship and Love advice from Ms. Ashley
    Open Group Author 4 Members
    Articles, advice and opinions from Ms. Ashley about love and relationships.
    Ashley Lounds-Brooks Wednesday, 04 April 2012
  • Translating medical jargon into English
    Open Group Author 1 Member
    Listed as one of America's Top Physicians since starting her US practice, Dr. Luciene Borowik is an Internal Medicine physician certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. She is a residemt graduate of Weill Cornell Medical College in NYC, one of the top-ranked clinical and medical research centers in the ...US.  
    Following three years of public service in medically-underprivileged areas of the US, she began routine practice in 2009. Since then, she has been consecutively awarded listings among America’s Top Physicians by the Consumer’s Research Council of America, a nonprofit organization headquartered in Washington, DC.
    Dr. Borowik is also a writer with many literary interests. In 1997, she won the Bloomsday Prize, sponsored by The Irish Times and the Folha de Sao Paulo. She lives with her husband, son, and cats in a state of wonder and gratitude.
    Lucy Saturday, 31 March 2012
    Open Group Book Clubs 10 Members
    Hi Everyone, I Am Jeff "DJ Gatsby" Wilson Founder Of DJGBC. DJ Gatsby Book Club Is Dedicated To Promoting, Uplifting &... Empowering Readers, Writers,Publishers, Book Clubs & Book Stores. We Want To Be More Than Just A Facebook Group Who Read, Write, Review, Sell & Discuss Books. We Want To Make A Difference In Our Communities & The Lives Of Other...s. We Can Do This By Supporting Each Other No Matter What Area Of The Literary Business They Are In. Feel Free To Promote Your Business, Your Publishing Company, Your Books & Yourselves. There Are No Requirements For Membership Other Than To Add Friends,Family & Co-Workers, Business Associates & Anyone Else You Feel Would Benefit From What We Do Here. Remember: This Is Your "Facbook Group" And It Belongs To All Of Us. May God Continue To Be A Blessing In All Of Your Lives & Thanks For Being A Member Of DJ Gatsby Book Club. JEFF "DJ GATSBY" WILSON Founder of DJGBC Office / Cell: 914-483-9496 Email: Website:
    DJ GATSBY BOOK CLUB Wednesday, 28 March 2012
  • Conscious Living With Christine Agro
    Open Group Author 11 Members
    Join this group and connect with Clairvoyant, Metaphysical Expert and Author Christine Agro. 
    Share your thoughts on what Conscious Living means to you, discuss Christine's book 50 Ways to Live Life Consciously with other conscious explorers and from time to time, Christine will host an on-line chat where you can ask her for insight... on anything that's going on in your life.   More
    Christine Agro Sunday, 25 March 2012
  • It Matters Radio
    Open Group Talk Show 52 Members

    My name is Monica Brinkman and along with Oana we host a weekly radio show. This group has been created to let you know what is going on and also a place to discuss show topics, future guests and basically chat about the show, your opinions and share your own information.

    We will be posting an event of each weekly b...roadcast, current contest available only to It Matters Fan Club members.

    Our show is not fluff but a place to discuss meaningful topics with authors and personalities. We do have fun segments also. Who doesn't like to laugh and smile?

    If you have written a book that you feel has purpose or wish to discuss a specific topic as a guest, click on Announcements to find out how to be a guest on the show. 

    You can also find upcoming show news and podcast links of previous shows via our column It Matters found in Authors Info.

    We love our Fans for without you there would little opportunity to speak of wonderful writings, issues that need attention so we may, perhaps, make a difference in the world.

    It's time to take a stand and speak about the issues and topics which are meaningful and/or entertaining.


    Call in or visit via the chat room and let your voice be heard!
    Monica Brinkman Sunday, 26 February 2012
  • OANA FAN CLUB 18+ only
    Closed Group Fan Club 16 Members
    This is Oana uncensored.
    The main topic will be human/animal behavior, which is Oana's favorite along with the dynamics of the relationships...
    Join only if you are over 18 years of age, have  great sense of humor and think you can handle an honest conversation just about anything and everything. This is the spirit of The Healings:) 
    Oana Monday, 13 February 2012
  • TheMatchlessNovelist Fan Club
    Closed Group Author 1 Member
    Author of Disillusion and Disillusion Too? Kanika A. Reese
    Kanika A. Reese Thursday, 29 December 2011
  • Idioglossia: The Fan Club Of Author/Model/Artist Sundari Prasad (Sun Karma)
    Open Group Author 4 Members
    This is my *OFFICIAL* author Fan Club here on Author's Info! Feel free to join to keep in close contact with me to get EXCLUSIVE and up to date information on my appearances, inerviews, and book signings, and GIVEAWAYS and CONTESTS!

    Business Members:::
    Use this group to network and exchange resources. I will be posting and insider only info in this group including but not limited to opportunities and other information that you may find useful. More
    Sundari Prasad Tuesday, 31 May 2011
  • Only The Strong Can Survive
    Open Group Help 3 Members
    In life there are times when the body becomes very weak, exhausted from depression. We feel as if we're losers
    and that nobody wants us around. God has a different opinion about our lives today. He will be the one that will give you the strength, courage, inspiration and motivation to face life's unbearable, unreasonable tasks.
    Conti...nue to be strong night and day no matter what you're facing-lost or endured he is able to give you that
    love, strength and embrace from above.
    Aleja Bennett Thursday, 24 February 2011
  • All I Can Do Is Stand
    Open Group Help 5 Members
    This group has been created due to the Author only knowing how to stand through the trials and tribulations of her life.
    When we share our strengths, hopes and encouragement with another person. We are enabling another human being to stand through another trial that life has thrown their way.

    What have you had to stand for in... your life? Did you ever fall at one time then picked yourself
    back up? I know that I have fallen but what matters is that we don't stay there. We stand when we just have a little strength left in us to stand on those weak legs after being abused, raped, abandoned, molested and adopted. Standing shows so much strength as it builds up strength in us to face that next task that comes our way.

    What does it mean to stand? How and why have you been standing? Let's empower others to stand through doors being closed and opened. We ned to stand when there is no book sales. Stand when our loved ones have passed on. Stand through the most devastating times in life. Just Stand.
    Aleja Bennett Thursday, 24 February 2011
  • The Poetry Cafe
    Open Group Poetry 28 Members
    Welcome to The Poetry Cafe! The place to post your poems or discuss those great poems that have touched or inspired you in some way. Let's have thoughtful conversations about writing, the industry, publishing, or any item that interests you in the category all things poetry. Have an event you would like to invite members to take part in? Post it Contests? Open Mics? Poetry slams? Here is the place to have your voice heard among those who appreciate the craft in an open forum. More
    Fiordaliza Charles Friday, 10 December 2010
  • Fan of Delano Johnson
    Open Group Author 3 Members
    Hello every one I'm a beginner poet and would love to know your opinions on my creations I'm 24yrs old and I reside in phoenix Arizona please check my work out and let me know how you feel. Afterwards...... thank you Delano Johnson
    Delano Friday, 10 December 2010
  • Envy Red Fam Page
    Open Group Author 21 Members
    Envy Red's official Fam Page! The ultimate spot to get up close and personal with the author/philanthropist and follow up on discussions, causes, and events. Get cozy in this intimate environment while feeling absolutely free to provide comments, suggestions, and feedback about whatever topic is on... your mind. Be the first to gain access and sneak peaks into exclusive offerings and events. Want to network with Envy? Then get into the circle of envy and be a part of the "fam!"
    Post your pics or videos holding a copy of the debut novel "Touch" or the new title "Jaded" for a chance to be featured and win great prizes.
    Literary Accomplishments:Most Talked About Author 2011 DJ Gatsby Book ClubDebut Author of The Year 2011 Prodigy Publishing's Urban Literary AwardsBest Dressed Female Author 2011 Prodigy Publishing's Urban Literary AwardsAuthor of The Year Female 2011 Word on Da Street Urban Literary Awards 
    Current Nomination: 
    AAMBC Female Author of The Year
    Please visit my official site for more information about me:

    Envy Red Saturday, 04 December 2010