Perhaps you recall the time you realized what death actually meant, the irrevocability and finality of it all. It may have been the loss of a dear grandparent, close friend or adored animal. Do you remember the tears you cried, pouring from your very soul and the heartbreak felt? The lesson of pain and sorrow encompassed your being and you instinctively knew to take another's life was unthinkable for it would bring the same hurt you felt to others, and most certainly was against the law of nature. In fact, harming another person never crossed your mind. Why would it?

For it was love that brought you joy, be it the awe of each season's changing beauty, the warmth and closeness of a soft hug from your mother or feeling that sloppy wet kiss plastered across your face from the new puppy. You ran freely through open fields stopping to examine the shape of twigs, rocks, and wildflowers or perhaps uncovering a hidden arrowhead or four-leaf clover on the way. You spent hours laying on the ground, staring up at the cloud formations, finding a face here, an animal shape there. Each moment was a new adventure and life was wondrous.

Then came the time your world changed a bit as you became aware of cruelty and dishonesty within humanity. It may have begun when you retrieved the Sunday morning paper under the pretense of reading the Funnies but found yourself drawn to the ghastly headlines of murder, car accidents, rape, fraud and disease. The innocence began to fade this day; the blanket of safety began to unravel as your mind took in a darker side of life. In fact, this first comprehension shocked you and you vowed you'd not read such articles again. Yet curiosity beckoned the next Sunday as you sat, eyes glued to the latest horrific headline.

Soon you understood too much, wishing once again to be that naive child cocooned and protected from the outside world. Years passed, you grew into an adult and did your best to voice your opinion and views, protesting when and where able, insisting other's keep in mind they once embraced love, compassion, kindness and goodness...way back when. Instead of acknowledging your words significance, they'd mock you, call you liberal, bleeding heart, flower child or worse, Un-American. They wondered why you even bothered to care citing: Life is unfair-You can't fight City Hall-What can you do about it and other non-committal, indifferent wisdoms.

For purpose of survival, you became mute, silencing the anger, rage and torment always tearing at your heart and soul, wrapped yourself in a protective cocoon, seldom letting others know your inner thoughts. Fear had taken the place of love and you now found yourself anesthetized, deadened and quite comfortably numb. It was each man for his own self. The world was rotting with decay and it was beyond your control. So you worked, fell in love, perhaps had a family and continued to exist, finding love of the material and not the substance of the heart.

What a miserable existence. Don't you see it is your own Karma falling back on you? To conceal who you really are is negativity at its greatest and as you accept how other's wish you to believe, that ache grows inside you until your life has little meaning or purpose. Our world needs people to live by love, fairness and beauty. Fear begets fear and replaces that joy of life deep within.

No one has to agree with you. That doesn't matter. After all, life is not a popularity contest and it is those people who are unafraid to challenge the norm, who bring such magnificence into the world.

Let that child out again. Enjoy each moment and have open and honest discussions. Take a stand for what you believe. If we continue to accept the growing number of murderous acts and deeds and rampant violence against one another, then we are just as responsible for the outcome as those who commit such deeds.

Frolic through the forest – breath in the fresh air – marvel at nature and never try to be someone you are not meant to be. Becaue Karma will get you in the end.

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