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Alexandria Ruffin
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I'm a poetry&novel writer. I enjoy science, fictional, Fantasy, Realistic Fiction, Horror, Mythology, psych- Biographies.
I am currently writing a book on Humanoid Evolution, it is a science Fiction/ Fantasy series. Reading poetry takes up most of my days. I plan on publishing soon and going a step forward. My Mother is Elvera Ruffin, and is an author, my boyfriend is also a published author. We live together in Florda. (my bf and I, not my mother)and I absolutely adore the scenery here. Though I hate the heat, I am from Virginia and enjoy Moderate temperatures. And Only use AC when I need it. I'm a pretty conservative person. Got alot of baggage though. I grew up with a pretty tough life.. and right now I am only 19 years old,& have no real certifications/job. but lots of inspiration.

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