¿Path to Citizenship? Unless you live under a rock you know we have an illegal immigration problem. From what I understand, the position of the Latino community is if you speak Spanish you should be allowed to stay in the USA or immigrate. Forget that you are a felon, have a terminal disease, no skills, or entered the USA illegally. Not only do we need to address illegal immigration, legal immigration needs a major overhaul. The only criteria for immigration should be to fill a job that an American citizen is unable or unwilling to take. Retired millionaires should also be give preference. The point is you must be self supporting. I don’t care if you have relatives here. The Cubans in Miami who have been here for thirty years all seem to have a dozen cousins that they somehow have kept in touch with. I’m a big fan of Bill...
  1.   Wednesday, 15 August 2012
  2.   OP-ED
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