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Toni Allen
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Jan 18 2013
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24 Feb 2016 13:54:49
I write books on tarot, thrillers with a paranormal twist, and fantasy. I work as a professional tarot reader/astrologer and my tarot books are written from personal experience. I’ve just signed a contract to have The System of Symbols, a new way to look at tarot, translated into Italian and published in Italy. In my novels I use my knowledge of paranormal phenomena and skills as an astrologer/counsellor to add depth and breadth to my characters. I enjoy writing about real people encountering extraordinary situations. Being Richard is about an immortal living in Surrey, and explores how life has impacted his mind but not his body; add a government department hunting for more immortals and a new identity he isn’t comfortable with, and being Richard proves dangerous even for an immortal.

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