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Book Fairs & Festivals: Here to Stay?

Kindle, Nook, and iPad's have changed the way books are brought to fans. In fact, the list of eReaders goes on and on as the eBook craze has swept the nation! With the touch of a button and often times a large fraction of the cost, one can download books from their favorite authors without stepping foot in a store. With small independent stores and large retailers like Borders closing it's doors, one is left to wonder what the future holds for the industry? As a new author, I have participated in book fairs and festivals with some showing a large turnout while authors struggle to bring the author out of the red associated with participation. Although I have not been privy to the changes in the industry on a grand scale, one thing I know for sure is that change is occurring at a rapid pace. It is up to us to sink or swim as authors and bring you, the fans, what you want.

So the question is do you still enjoy the feel of a good paperback or hardback book in your hand? Do you enjoy the atmosphere of being surrounded by your favorite authors in one place ready to meet and greet you with an autographed copy of their work? Are book fairs here to stay or will they evaporate like other traditional literary platforms? In wake of the Harlem Book Fair scheduled for Saturday 7/23 these questions consume my thoughts. What do you think?

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