To me this journey is about more than selling books. It is about getting intimate with my fans and colleagues and letting the real me shine through. I don't want you to just love my work, I want to share my world with you. From time to time I see postings from some of my favorites with fun facts about themselves and it has always been enjoyable for me. Therefore, I though I'd give you that with a twist. We are all blessed with five senses. When each comes to mind there is something that connects me to it. A bit of randomness for you to enjoy. Here it goes:

1.) SIGHT:  I love landscape and scenery more than anything when experiencing new places. From the mountains to the sea to the most minute creature I absolutely love taking it in!

2.) HEARING: Birds chirping early in the morning and throwback slow jams

3.) TASTE: Mmm Mmm Mmm cheesecake! Ok I give up! Put almost any dessert in front of me. Sad but true!

4.) SMELL: Summer Rain, Dryer Sheets, and Witch Hazel..LOL yeah I know!

5.) TOUCH: Lips, a man's side, and the feel of the wood under my rollerskates

Much Love,