Take The Risk, Reap The Reward

We’ve all had moments in life where we are faced with a choice of doing something uncomfortable or remaining the same. In the world of psychology, it’s called ‘Fight or Flight’. It is the initial response a human has to a time of pressure. What I’ve found is it’s not in that moment you make the decision, but the times before which determine your true character. How we chose to perceive life dictates how we respond to challenges. Heroism is not about confidence as much as it is about courage. The difference is where confidence is situational; courage is a choice of a person’s mindset.

By nature, we are innovative beings. It is life’s barriers that later train us to give up our courage. Fear, in any form, will cripple opportunities to step up. Most of us have the wrong understanding of failure. It is not something to afraid of because it is through experimenting with limitations that we discover our true ability. As we grow and develop, we learn to discern between a ‘chance’ and a ‘risk’. A chance is an action taken without proper investigation or analysis. A risk is the action you take after you have done your homework and evaluated not only the ways you can win, but the ways you can lose. When you have examined the angles of a situation and see the potential for growth, you can take the risk with courage.

Look at several benefits of ‘Risk Taking’:

  • Risk takers are usually leaders in their industries because they are willing to be the first to try a new concept or put themselves out on a limb to push boundaries. Secretly we have all envied someone who simply had the guts to go for it!
  • Risk takers typically live with a greater sense of freedom than others. We have labeled them ‘dreamers’ or ‘extreme’ but whatever we called them, they are usually living the life we wish we had.
  • Risk takers are often better off financially because while others are pondering and procrastinating, they are investing and exploring. They say good things come to those who wait, but it’s usually the leftovers from risk takers.
  • Risk takers are healthier than others because they speak their minds. You won’t see a risk taker with ulcers or high levels of stress. They unload their heavy hearts the moment things go wrong and let everyone know how they feel.

When you look back on history, it is apparent that life rewards individuals who go above and beyond the crowd. Nobody ‘safe’ has ever changed the course of humanity. In fact, most fade into the background and never make any noise. But those aggressive enough to have a B.H.A.G. or Big Hairy Audacious Goal not only make waves, but become legendary. Because of those who pushed the limits of society, we have millions of inventions, innovations and privileges that would otherwise have been forfeited. Trust me, your brain will not short-circuit because you dare to dream bigger.

I am convinced that life will come at you with many chances to back down and settle. Use this information as a weapon to let everything around you know that your days of accepting what life brings are over. It is a new season of courage to take possession of the good life you know you deserve. Remember, life yields its treasures to the one bold enough to demand the very best. Be the risk taker you were destined to be, and carve out your own slice of history!

See you at the TOP!
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