Why do we write?

Hello fellow wielders of the pen, or key board as it were, I wanted to to take Monica Brinkman`s advice and say a few words here on the site. First off, I love the site. I think it has a great potential for authors, writers, and readers to intermingle, network, and just share things with one another. I like the feel of this site; meaning, it has a general friendliness that is not often found on the internet in other writing communities. And finally, I have been welcomed by members here--to include Monica--with open arms. 

So, what about my title of "why do we write?" Well, I wanted to share my personal thoughts about those of us who choose to expose our innermost thoughts, our souls, our neurosis or personal baggage to the world; frankly, I have no damn clue why we do this *smiling*. It seems to be innate, we are born with this--this desire somehow to tell the world a story. We are consumed by it, we are obsessed with it, and in most cases we are even willing to lose it all to be read.   

I started writing at a very young age. Then came the sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll *laughing*. Yes, I had a chance to go to college and pursue my dreams--but noooooo--I had to travel down some other paths in life--some of which were occupied by goats! But I digress. I eventually came back to the reality that other adults from my generation had actually made sound decisions, had families, and were responsible citizens--so, I thought I would give it a whirl. 

I became a business owner and was rather successful in my work, but, there was still some nagging desire inside my soul to write, to be published, to be heard, and to be read. I could have cared less about the money--I just wanted to touch someone else`s soul with the words in my heart. By the way...it`s a damn good thing I wasn`t motivated by money because it took a loooooong time to make any real money writing. The bottom line is this--I did what my heart truly desired and I followed my dream no matter what. 

For those of you who may actually relate to my tale of neurotic escapades...I`m sorry, no, really, I`m glad you understand. This is why sites like this are so important to us as writers, we need to share the trials and the victories, otherwise, we loose hope. 

My favorite author by far would have to be Anne Lamott; if you, as a writer, have not read her book "Bird by Bird" man are you missing a real nugget of gold. Anne taught me to let loose, to tell it from the heart, to take the risk of exposure as a writer. I have done so...I hope you enjoyed it. God bless you all--WP

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