"Why Do Men Love Their Cars and Drive The HELL Out of Their Women?"

I've painted quite a revealing picture of the difference between women and men when it comes to how they feel about cars. So don't act like you're surprise when I say that men can love their cars and oftimes drive the HELL out of their women! But why do they? Okay people before I get into this, I would just like to say that I am a guy, that way men know that it is not a woman trying to wreck their brains trying to understand why men love cars, but an straight from the mind type of guy.

There are many reasons men love cars. The usual website would tell you we love them because of genetics and it's similar to the reason why men love sports. Well I would like to get into a bit more detail than that and try to close the subject because men don't love cars the way they love sports, they love cars the way they love women. This might help with some relationships.

1. Everyone knows that men like to be in control. This is related to why men lift weights. One part of it is to look good, the other part is to feel more powerful over other men. This is in our nature and when we hear the roar of an engine and we feel that power, we feel even manlier when we control that power. This muscle gives us confidence as does a good car, which helps us move to number 2.

2. The admiration of beauty. You know those movies; where there's a gorgeous woman fixing a car (Transformers) and all the guys go crazy. We find it heavenly to see the beautiful, subtle features of a woman, the curves of their body leaning against a V8 engine. It's like a perfect combination of right and wrong, hot and cold. A car in a way is also like a women, sits there in the dealers parking space, looking at you from a far, captures your attention, all these thoughts go through your mind, you decide to take a chance, you get in, drive to a place where no one is looking, and ride the freakin' HELL out of that thing! You weren't planning on getting into a long term commitment (lease or buy) but you couldn't help it, you fell in love. It was an amazing first date.

3. You take your car home, seeing your neighbors looking at the car underneath your arms, envious, wondering how in the world that happened. The amazing feeling of pride, success and happiness, your trophy car.

4. The Journey. You spend your days doing everything together, going to the movies, visiting friends, making it official. Sometimes you hit a few bumps in the road, get a flat, but it all works out in the end, making your relationship stronger.

5. The road trips. Spending some time together you start to realize how much you love this car. You start to recognize the details, the feeling of the leather, the stitching, knowing exactly where to turn the knob the first time to get to the perfect volume, how it will react to the different situations you put it in.

6. One day you decide to wash your car using all the bells and whistles. Wax it perfectly, shine its' rims, take a deep breath and admire your work. Sit back have a cigarette and a cold beer and think of all the great memories you have had with this car. Thinking of the future, you see its getting rusty so it needs some cosmetic work to keep things as they were a few years ago, keeping the fire lit.

One day you take your car in for service. You spot the latest model, more power, more attitude, new. You admire it, flirt with it a bit, it lures you in, tries to seal the deal, you think about it. Finally, the salesman lures you in, after all your only human. You trade in your old car and go home with the latest model. But as you drive it away and think of your older model, you realize that car was unique, your first, or your best. Now if there are those who find my claims hard to believe, skeptics need only take a look at my book for proof. Men love cars so much that we oftimes get "caught up" trying to distinguished the difference between the characteristics of a woman and a car. I also discussed significant events and periods in the history of automobiles.

"Why Do Men Love Their Cars and Drive The HELL Out of Their Women?" may appeal to a car collector, car enthusiasts and yes! women who always wanted to know why men love cars. Come to think about that last statement, that's probably why women "key" men's cars because deep down they already know how men feel about their cars? H'mmmmm? Whoa! WHAT A RIDE! www.drivingwomeninsane.com

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