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The Writer's Life 6/14 -

It's Flag Day. Three cheers for the red, white and blue, and all for which it stands. May American continue to be the world's beacon. "Freedom is not the natural state of mankind. It is a rare and wonderful achievement." - Milton Friedman. We are blessed to be living here.

Here's a guy, like me, who made money on street corners.

Vinnie the Retard was a legend in our section of Brooklyn, hanging out at the corner of 86th Street & Bay Parkway, singing and strumming on his guitar, which had only two or three strings. Everybody in the neighborhood knew him and many put money in his pocket. He has passed away and is missed. It's amazing how often he comes up in conversation. He made his mark, despite his handicap. May he rest in peace. We should all be remembered so fondly.

Parking in Brooklyn is often frustrating. My first customer of the day happened to be leaving the lead spot on East 13th Street, the opposite side of tomorrow's Alternate Side regulation. He was nice enough to wait until I'd maneuvered my Hyundai into position. I parked inches from the crosswalk, taking up the least space possible. Minutes later the guy whose sporty red car was next in line approached and asked if I'd move mine back, as it made it look as if his was taking up two spaces, which it was. I told him to move up or back. He refused, saying his car would then be vulnerable to bumps from others fitting into the spot. I shrugged and said: "That's Brooklyn." It is amazing how inconsiderate some people can be. He wanted me to do something untoward so he wouldn't look bad.

Business was brisk at the floating book shop, especially the first hour. I thank everyone who bought. Brent, a regular customer who looks like a hipster artist, was passing with a huge laundry bag over his shoulder when he doubled back and purchased Brett Easton Ellis' Less Than Zero. Minutes later he returned, book open, on the way home. A half hour after that he again came walking by reading, absorbed. On his final pass, I spotted the novel near the top of the laundry bag. 

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