Open Book with Envy Red & Q: The Force MD's Relived/Escape From Shaolin part 1

Open Book presents Antoine "Tony" Shaheed Elliott, the man who moved to Shaolin, but wrote "Escape from Shaolin".  He is also the author of the children's book "Spelling Girl".  Mr. Elliott's latest accomplishment is his film in which he wrote and co-produced...The Force MD's Relived.  Very few authors have done what Shaheed has done.   That's write a book, publish it, get national acclaim as a professional storyteller and produce a film which is featured in a prestigious film festival.  Wow!  He's an inspiration to me just hanging with him.  In part 1 of this interview, we talk about his upbringing and influences.  This was the backdrop to Escape from Shaolin.  Shaheed let's us know how life was in 1970's Staten Island NY.  We also want to mention the works of Claude Brown (Manchild in the Promise Land) and Piri Thomas (Down these Mean Streets).

Next week Shaheed tells us how we got in involved with one of the most influential groups in Hip-Hop history...The Force MD's.  

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The Writer's Life 7/24 -
The Writer's Life 7/23 - Sad

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