Open Book with Envy Red & Q: The Jaded Episode/ Self Publishing part 2 (Special Mix by DJ Ant Love)

Envy Red breaks the self publishing game down with this jewel from Jaded.

     Open Book presents the Jaded Episode part 2. In the 2nd half of our interview Envy Red sheds some light on the misconceptions of publishing industry and talks about her next venture Drama Baby.  This is a must see episode as Envy and I try to go over the publishing game with some do's and don'ts'.  She gives special thanks to the current King of Urban Lit, Mr.Treasure E. Blue. This week's music was provided by The King of Crowd Rockers: DJ Ant Love of the Mo' Nique Show.  

Highlights include:

Drama Baby, a business for the babies

Treasure E. Blue

The state the of publishing industry

Do's and Don'ts 

Lessons learned

"They" do what "You" say

Q's Cuts this week was provided by The Mo'Nique Show's very own DJ Ant Love: The Old School R&B House party Volume 1.  

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