An Author's Creed

1. I promise to always be true to the character’s personality even when you as a reader don’t always agree or understand.

2. I promise to not drag out a series longer than what the story truly demands just to milk you of your hard earned dollars.

3. I promise to release series in a timely manner so as not to keep my readers needlessly waiting.

4. I promise to always use my own creativity and imagination to come up with interesting and unique plots.

5. I promise to give you the right to your own opinion and to honor your right to not connect with my style of writing.

6. I promise to always try to make myself available to you as a reader and or a fan.

7. I promise to always be humbled by the fact that you believe in me as an author and my dream to give you literature that speaks to you as a person.

8. I promise to always maintain a deep love of literature.

9. I promise to give you my very best and always give you quality work to the best of my abilities.

10. I promise to continue to grow in my craft in order to become the best I can be for you.

Sincerely: An author for you—Suzanne Steele

©2015 Suzanne Steele