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Place of my birth, Ukrainian town Ternopil is very beautiful and green. It has many parks; lake and river. Its nature gives me a lot of inspiration and joy. Since my childhood I like very much to read books. Love to literature I inherited from my father and my Great Uncle John who was pastor and writer, and lived in New Jersey. My literary tastes were developed under the influence of my friend-lecturer of English who owns private library. My favorite poet is Maya Angelou. Her poem "I know why the caged bird sings" inspired me on creativity. My poetry is the mirror of my soul. It reflects my feelings, thoughts and vision of the world. My Poems were published in the anthologies by Poetry Rivals in the UK, Inner Child Press and Michael Michelle Publishing in the USA. Also I was published in the online magazine " The Flexwriters Cafe of Poetry" at and featured in "The Artist Lounge Webzine"