Envy by Kaliyah Knight - Book Review

Envy by Kaliyah Knight - Book Review

This is another book where the author took me in a completely different direction then I thought it was going to.  For me, that is what made the book interesting and why I really don't read the back of books because I want to get the shock right when I am reading.  You meet this young lady named Ki and she is adjusting to her new life with Rameer who is very much in love her.  So in love with her, in fact that he introduces her to his world and they live in it together.  Rameer loves Ki in every way shape and form, but it is his that have their way of tearing them apart.

When you first read the book, you see how strong their love is and what really pushes them apart is not outside forces but more of themselves and that's just the start of the book.  You see Ki really taking everything in and learning the ropes and for a second I thought their love was what was going to keep them together.  When eight years pass, that is where the fun begins and you meet some more lively characters. Rameer has disappeared and Ki is trying to adjust to her new life and right when she is ok with his disappearance, he returns and starts to try to get her love back.

This man was so hard to read at times because on one hand he loved Ki and was giving her the world and the next minute he's robbing bank all the while working as a financial consultant.  I just thought his character was everywhere.  Ki was a woman who was really adjusting to her new life while living her old life as a teacher and a loving daughter, but she also has some secrets of her own.

A few of the character you meet in their circle is a woman named Fatima who has been in this lifestyle for more than anybody and has a thing for Rameer, but he is not feeling her that way and for a good reason.  This doesn't stop her though and she puts herself in between the two lovers.  Omari is a man has a thing for Ki and wants to get to know her more.  After Rameer messes up he gets his chance and it looks like her and Ki are going strong.

When Rameer returns, he learns that Fatima beat him to the chase and Ki life is in turmoil.  You start to see the link between Rameer and Ki are starting to affect them for the worse.  What I see from this read was a rollercoaster of a ride.  You see this life through different characters life, but it centers around Rameer and Ki and just how strong their love is.  It's worth a day of reading and you will want to finish this book in one day.  So pick up this book and find out just what I am talking about.


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Title: Envy
Author: Kaliyah Knight
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Published Date: November 02, 2014
ISBN-10: 1503055914
ISBN-13: 978-1503055919
ASIN: B00OM26808

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