Another Time Another Place By Zane - Book Review

Another Time Another Place By Zane - Book Review

Mirrored Lives by Rique Johnson

The book starts off with us having a look at a woman named April who is love with thunderstorms and in love with her husband Virgil.  Her sense of intimacy has another notion, though. Even though they have been together for a few years April feels like their sex life has been going downhill.  After she confesses this to her husband she goes to the bathroom and finishes what he never started from the looks of it.  Then you meet Ariel who is also married and loves her husband and actually has not complaint.  Well, except one and it has nothing to do in the sex department.  Even after her man gives her all the pleasure imaginable, she finds herself in the bathroom as well and then things starts to get weird.  To a point to where they see themselves but it's not them.  It freaks them for a minute, but snap out of it due to different circumstances.  Life goes on for usual for these two, but you see them doing the exact same thing as you continue reading.  Another thunderstorm is headed their way and then it starts to get intense.

Intense of enough to where the thunderstorm shatters both of their mirrors at the exact same time they are touching it and apart of themselves is transferred into on another.  That didn't make sense to me at first and I had to reread it, but I found that I had to continue past it to really understand it.  Through this even they find that they have someone else inside of them and each of their life is expanded as they get that sense of déjà vu and the feel of something different.  Their husbands actually are both of the reason why these two seek independence from their significant other and find their own liberating independence, but I got to tell you the end of this book left me feeling flabbergasted. Overall,  a good read for the start of a book.

For the Good Times by Shawan Lewis:

So this book takes place in Sapelo, Georgia back in 1965 where our character Jasmine was born. The author depicts
this place as a little patch of heaven and you will see why when you read it, if you haven't already.  She ends up taking her boyfriend there and the make love into the moonlight.  The following year they return as husband and wife defending the Sapelo from developers who want to make it tourist commodity.  With her lawyer background, Jasmine stop the developer and her husband Adam builds a medical facility for the little island.  Just when you think there love can't get any better, the Vietnam war ends up tearing them apart right at the brink of bringing new life into the world.  Adams ends up being deployed and that is where his story ends.  I was crying for a second because hope is renewed and lost when she attempts to give their child.  We fast forward to four years and Jasmine is still in Georgia but now alone and content with pleasuring herself.  I felt for there because she had true love and didn't want to show her heart that way again, but a woman has needs.  She reluctantly gets on her high horse and tries to date.  After one failed experience, she thinks about leaving her home.  That's not until she meets Harrison at the medical triage facility and I must say not only is the man fine, but he is very forward.  Which isn't a bad thing, but he knows what he wants in a woman.  The truth of the matter is he is married to wife who he thinks has some deep seeded secrets.  That doesn't stop him from pursuing Jasmine and that doesn't stop her from seeing what this man is about.  There is some strong chemistry between these two.  You get a brief look at Harrison's marriage and get a sense that his wife Naomi really is cheating on him,  but that doesn't stop her from breaking these two out of trance. Jasmine knows that this life that Harrison is painting is not for her, but she can't fight that feeling and neither can Harrison. After some secrets for Harrison are revealed and good news is headed Jasmine's way, Naomi gets into the mix. 

This island is not that big and I could see how she find out, but she end up confronting Jasmine and telling her to stay away from a man she is cheating on.  You can kind of tell the Naomi has real feeling for Harrison, she just doesn't know how to be faithful or truthful.  Just when you thought the book couldn't get any better, the author puts a family twist in there that had me speechless.  It takes Harrison bringing her back to the land of the living to pull her out of her funk.  Naomi comes back and interrupts the lover with vengeance in mind.  She demand Harrison back in this weird way and you see this scene where you don't know what happened.  This is one of those reads that will leave you hanging on the edge.

The Goddess of Desire by Dwayne D. Birch

Now I have read almost all of this man's books and have never had a dull moment.  Just to put it shortly Raghaba is the very definition of sexual liberation and is the goddess of desire.  She is basically what men crave for.  She is awaken by the god Horus who is yearning for her and at first the goddess want nothing to do with him, but after finding her wanting.  She decides to go ahead and lets him, but before he comes over she prepares herself for the day ahead and the lovemaking that is to come.  While the day she comes across a god who is seeking release, but she wants nothing from him.  Well, almost nothing from him.  You see her day progress and you also get to see her haters.  I love her for this because she knows what she is and embraces it fully.  She doesn't' want love or marriage.  Just sex and what she brings to the table of lovemaking.

She goes to the temple of Amun to eye Horus and her sexuality is in the minds of every man there, including a few she has indulged.   She eventually get the attention of Horus and silently invites him to her place for a night of passionate lovemaking.  When he gets there a feast is prepared for him along with music.  Horus almost loses her for a second, but he catches back up with her intentions and then things get raunchy.  Their lovemaking goes well into the night and on the next day.  Horus is seeing her for more, but Raghaba is not having.  She is desire, liberation, a fantasy fulfilled  and she wants nothing more to do with because she is already fulfilled to say the least.   Right when you think the book would be done, here comes Toth and he doesn't want to wait for an invitation.  He takes what he wants and she is enticed by it.  This story was by far my favorite story from him in this book.

A Twisted State of Mind by Janice E. Adams

So in this story, you meet Connie who is happy with her life.  Well, almost happy with her life except for her boyfriend.  Keith from the top sounded enticing, but when she explained her sexual urges were not met, he didn't sound all that great.  She ends up meeting a guy that she fantasizes about while working out at the gym and he was a nice tall drink of water from the looks of it.  After their little cat and mouse game on the elevator and Keith needing some assistance, Connie starts to head home to help her man with his little problem.  The next day,  Connie and Bishop's little elevator flirting goes to the next level and I am thinking that this man has no idea how sexually frustrated this women is.  You would think that Bishop had all the game in the world, but it's really Connie who is running how this thing between them goes.  After awhile, things start to become intense and Connie starts catching some guilt in her actions.  You see her keep saying this is the last time every time she starts back up with this man and I laughed every time she did.  Right when you think  this story can't get better, you are snapped back to reality and proably laughing as hard as I did.  The ending of the books make perfect sense to me though as she tries to go on with her life and starts to get the weirdest sense of déjà vu.

Another Time, Another Place By Zane

When I read this, my first curious though was who was the consent of the king and why are we fornicating under it.  The way that this lady was describing whoever this man was in her diary was making me jealous.  The first scene takes place in Negril, Jamaica  in 1987 and you meet Aleck who is on vacation with his friend Mike and they are both looking for some action.  In the next moment, you are meeting Kiss who is staring at Aleck because her diary is playing a trick on her.  Immediately, these two have an instant attraction for obvious reasons and both of them are taken off guard because of it.  It doesn't stop them from acting on their impluses.  Kiss hits him with a bombshell and ends up leaving him to sulk on the rest of his vacations.  But love has other plans for them and they end up meeting a few years later and in opposite situations.  Once again those damn love impulses take ahold of them and after its all said and done they go their opposite ways  Her friends hit her with facts of why her little secret is holding her back, but the realization just hurts her even more.  We go a few more years forward and  A.J is headed to college.  While  there she is there, she runs into a person whose son's happens to her son's roommate. She realizes she has to tell Aleck the truth and finally get the guts to do so.  This story to me felt like a lesson to never give up on loving someone especially if they are like these two.  When A.J takes a trip across the country with his girlfriend he sees this lesson in full view.

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Title: Another Time, Another Place

Author: Zane

Publisher: Strebor Books

Published Date: June 10, 2008

ISBN-13: 978-1593090586

ASIN: B0016H38Q4

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