Shadows at Stormclyffe Hall By Lauren Smith - Book Review

Shadows at Stormclyffe Hall By Lauren Smith - Book Review

First off this house is seriously creepy it has a very dark history about a family that lived there.  I give the authors kudos for that because I was creeped out, the minute I read that she fell off that cliff.  The story centers around the mystery of Isabella and Richard the lovers who lives were ended very abruptly and no idea why it happened. 

Jane is a young women who is looking to her dissertation on a creepy house that is owned by Bastian You learn of Jane after all the creepiness and find that she is hooked to finding out the past behind the Hall.  This is where you learn of Bastian and that this lovely mansion is being renovated by him.  He is the owner of this place and also the reputation that his family has placed inside its walls. Jane gets a letter saying that she can come and visit as a tourist but she is determined to get access to documents that could make her paper the 


She bogarts her way into the mansion with a letter that is handed to Bastian.  Now the creepiness already started when Jane landed on this property, but then it went through the roof when she saw Bastian and we stopped reading about this couple as their bodies were taken over by ghosts well ghost who thinks Jane is his dead wife that he is been looking for and both of them are out of it for a minute waking up wondering what just happened but knowing something just happened. 

You learn a little bit more about the house as Bastian takes her to the library and out of the way of the construction, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting Jane.  And that attraction flipped me for a bit because it was almost instant.  Bastian doesn’t deny it and starts to put on this charm and Jane is trying to resist.  Huh, good luck with that Jane. 

While Jane is in this library she ends up finding Richard’s personal journal and instead of letting Bastian know she tucks it away thinking it will help further her paper.  During the drive back to the inn that she is staying at, things start to get creepy for both Shane and Bastian. So creepy in fact that Bastian offers her a place to stay at his home.  Of course Jane packs and they head back out where it is pitch black and lets just say things got ugly, then weird, then ugly again. 

When he get back to Stormclyffe, these two apparently have a thing for each and the only thing that is really stopping them is Stormclyffe Hall more so, the curse of Bastian’s family line.  The attraction is their though.  With Jane,  she just doesn’t want to get close to this man because of her fresh break up with her fiancée.  That doesn’t stop her from making the first move and kissing Bastian which leads to a hot and steamy kiss that they know they shouldn’t be doing but cant help that they have an attraction and connection on one another

This books seems to be the connection these two have with each and you find yourself going from one story to the original love story of Richard and Isabelle and you find out there connection to Jane and Bastian.  I liked this story a lot because it gave me the creepy feeling followed by this mixture of love between all of the characters.  It was a different kind of read for me, but definitely worth the read. 


Book Details

Book Listing

Title: The Shadows of Stormclyffe Hall

Author: Lauren Smith

Publisher: Name: Createspace

Published Date: September 11, 2014

ISBN-10: 1502341468

ISBN-13: 978-1502341464






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