Sinful Secrets By M'hogany - Book Review

Sinful Secrets By M'hogany - Book Review

Secrets? Yes there are tons of them throughout the book that I like to call an error in miscommunication, but the sinful part is where you completely lose me.  The way I saw it there was only one sinful person in this story and he just got beneath my skin because his secret was the reason that everything and everyone around them was affected.  In this story the book centers around a young woman named Symone who I saw, had a good life, a nice family, and long term goal that is starting to become fulfilled.  She even finds the need to help out a friend and I found that this woman had everything she wanted except she had a hidden desire, a hidden voice that took the help of her friends to find. 

Symone is just graduating college and opening her own psychology practice that she has earned.  At the heart of this woman lies her family.  Her father is always supportive, but she has the kind of mother that wants her to have everything her heart desires, as long as she gets grandchildren from it. I found Symone’s mother relatable to a lot of women.  Women who focus on building a life for themselves and have that family member who wants to see their child in love and with children.  You see Symone’s mother was very funny to me to read because she was very, VERY pushy and did not stop her goal of having grandchildren from Symone the entire time throughout the story.

Another great stone in this young woman’s life is her friends and one of them is Rachelle.   I actually loved her character because she had an eye of seeing thing that were unfinished in people world.  I could see why she was best friends with Symone.  Her personality though was very ratchet and being a fashion designer for a major singing company, I didn’t really see her being that way at work, so I was quite surprised.  Besides Rachelle, you see her friend Ray wanting to protect her and her business. 

After being bombarded again by her parents about her single life, she is given another lecture by her friends and Rachelle tries to bring her back to her roots of singing and not just working all day everyday.  Rachelle takes Symone to meet Cornell who is looking for singing talent.  Symone plays uninterested during the meeting and dives right back into her work.  Cornell seeing that she is a little rude can’t help but see a bit of lust in her, but trust once you start diving into this book, you will start to see he has a shady side that he hides very well, unlike his friend James.  Things start to take a turn for the worse and actually get this book ramped up.  Cornell ends up hearing Symone sing and starts to get on the train of getting her to see her passion and decides to help Rachelle as much as he can.

In her therapist sessions, you meet James and Raquel, who are experiencing problems in their marriage and its their marriage that makes the story start to jump of the pages for me.  James is a disaster to himself and the people around him including Cornell who happens to be James’s good friend.  He wants to leave Raquel, but doesn’t know how to just say it to her.  Raquel doesn’t believe in the slightest that her marriage is over and blames Symone for her marriage having cracks.  She takes it in her own hands to destroy Symone without knowing the whole truth and you see Raquel is a little twisted in the head.

I feel like I am watching a soap opera unfold.  There were a lot of twist and turns that I really didn’t see coming.  Symone has something tragic happen to her by someone she was dating and just sweeps it under the rug.  Her character was just too naïve for me.  She ignored all the signs and even her friends when her life started to become in danger and fell for the wrong guy while pursuing a singing career.  I am actually curious to read the sequel of this book and actually have a question for the author.  Want to know what is? Well watch my video and leave a message here.  Thanks for showing the love to us book worms. 

Book Details

Book Listing

Title: Sinful Secrets

Author: M'hogany

Publisher: Melodic Publications

Published Date: July 11, 2014

ISBN-10: 1630687472

ISBN-13: 978-1630687472






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