Spiritwood by George Wise - Book Review

Spiritwood by George Wise - Book Review

This book gave me those goosebumps all up and down my arm while reading this book. But the funny thing is that, it was one of those books that once you started to pick up on the story line you did not want to put it down. I got to say it was creepy, scary, crazy good, but just to be honest not a book that I would pick up again. Every character in this book was connected to a forest and an ancient indian story contained within. It takes you a minute to connect the dots and the authors gives you very provocative scenes that will have you putting this book down at the same time picking it up just to get more.

The first character you meet is Jed and his vibe was very hard to read. He is an prominent artist who makes huge reset in his life by buying an house in Spiritwood to get in touch with his artistic roots. From here, you start to learn of all the characters and you see how they all become connected in this quaint little town. Janet is young woman who is very frail and in a marriage that had me feeling sorry for her.   Henry was the one person who was creepy to me but kept me guessing.

I felt like the story was really wrapped around him and the character that you read were all slowly creating the story of this forest. You first hear about this forest in Spiritwood by Henry who gives you a front seat on his tale of a place that hold trees protecting a circle and if you step in that circle. Well, let’s just say, it’s not good. Jed is getting used to new house or more cleaning up and getting some order. He ends up falling asleep and has the most vivid dream of chopping down a tree. As you can see this is not an ordinary dream as he wakes up and everything that he was feeling seems to appear when he wakes up. Now that is vivid

Further on these character start to become connected in some way shape and form. As Henry saves a young woman’s life from the crazy husband in the beginning of the book. And Bishop, the son is enthralled with Henry’s story of Red Eagle and the mound in the woods. The connection that all of these people have is this forest and its legend of Red Eagle. With the help of the cops, Janet finally confesses all and ends up getting some help from them, as she is packing a bag and getting ready to get away from her abusive marriage she meets Jed. Jed and Bruce both have something in common which to me I was still trying to get, but they both end up having similar dreams except BJ is dreaming of Jed and seeing him cut down these trees. Once all of these character become connected and you learn of the heavy hitter, this story start to start making sense. This is a first for me, the next part was seriously creepy because the author took this turn and made this story connect out of each of these characters dream. The dreams were all connected to that dang mound and the story of Red Eagle and the shamans that protect it. Creepiest dream Bruce and when he sees a dead Janet talking to him. Had to stop reading for a second. Then Bishop’s dream had me screaming for him, I mean dead guy at the door whew

In Bruce’s dream, I think that had a real feeling to him because he ended up paying the ultimate price, but with each dream that you read from Henry’s to Bruce’s all of them are connected and you could start to see the dots forming. So things take a creepy turn as you find out the real reason behind these nasty dreams that the town is having and you notice a change in Bruce. The day is the day of the parade and you start to see this downslide and eventually the whole town goes to shit. I mean everyone just goes crazy. The characters with the talismans are the only ones that seem to be unaffected and the story of the talismans proves why. Makes more sense after that. Bruce is being guided by Red Eagle now and more control over his little gift once the Indian tells him what to do with it

When you get to the end of this book, you either going to love it or hate it.   For me, I was kind of in the middle. It kept me intrigued when everyone fell in a dream state, but started to lose me when the storyline really started to drag on. It was one of those books I never dreamed of picking up, but did not leave me unsatisfied, so thank you Mr. Wise.

Book Details

Book Listing

Title: Spiritwood

Author: G. J Wise

Publisher: Damnation Books, LLC

Published Date: December 01, 2014

ISBN-10: 1629291781


ASIN: B00Q11G41G

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