Free E-book: Eliminate the Killing

Dear reader,

It will not happen everyday that a writer makes his work available to others for free.

Nevertheless this is such a moment. I would like to share with you my thriller on illegal organ trade. Did you know that experts estimate that more than ten percent of all organ transplants are being illegally performed nowadays?

Short summary:

Eliminate the Killing shows that one person can make a difference. Aval learns to take risks in his life, something he never thought he could. Confronted with the dark side of society, he finds a key to the solution.It demonstrates how a worldwide problem, once confronted, with just a small act from you or I, can have far reaching implications when it comes to life and death.

You may download this E-book for free from my Google-drive. The link is set for public,so there is no need to log in. The document is in e-pub format and needs to be downloaded before you can read it.

Here is the link for the English version:

If you have no tools available to read epubs, you can download the freeware from Adobe Digital Editions via

I would appreciate your help to spread the E-book further. It would be great that everybody sends the epub to five friends that like to read and have an interest in the topic. Of course you can mail it to more friends if you like to do so.

The E-book is for free, but just in the event that you like to make a small contribution in order to cover the costs, you may donate your gift to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. via

The (hard copy) book is also available at at 17.50 euro.

In case you have a question do not hesitate and mail me.


Best regards,

The Netherlands

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