How have you fallen O Lucifer....

Mephistôpheles pointed at the planet below them. "We've traveled the world in vehicles just like this since the beginning. We have many disciples of other cultures and races that you cannot fracking imagine; they've built wondrous monuments to us and landing fields to worship our magnificence. Many are primitive and we wonder them with our presence; but to you and only you, god give this whole earth to – to subdue them and all those that draw fracking breath.

"We've never been interested in revealing ourselves to the naive until our god rules the battlefield called earth de facto. Though many have seen us traveling their skies, they'll never discern the truth of us – this is the greatest secret you must keep by any means necessary. They must never know who we really are – ever.

"We have outposts on the dark side of the moon, on other planets, the moons of Uranus, under the earth, and in the deepest oceans – as we live amongst you molding all earth for our god's determination. We are those who traverse the holographic called the material world, the Watchers who've existed since the dawn of mankind. We surf the dimensional membranes everywhere unseen, but seeing all.

"We are the All Seeing Eye (the eye of Horus), because we see everything, control everything and mold everything into Lucifer's will. And what is his will? Existential debaucheries, mass death, human sacrifice, mass murder of the empirical innocent, unending wars, and nuclear discord. The more vicious and brutal, the more bloody and torturous, the more we display our unbreakable resolve for freedom from his fidelity!"

"We are the Architects of the Underworld, the true Stone Masons of God, and have built thousands of megalithic structures that mankind could never construct. Why? To let the world know we existed and rule every imagination of mankind; but since the Deceiver died on the cross, we've become weaker, our glory diminished, and our worship fracking stymied.

"Remember with me the Stonehenge that was our power and the Titans of Albion (Great Britain), and how the Lord empowered his Remnant to destroy them – and the extinction after genocide that threatened to destroy god's determination and us. Remember Og, the King of Basham whom the Lord slew, and how we buried him under forty thousand tons of rock in the Golan Heights. Remember Malta, the last foothold of our Rephaim and how there was none to lead our greatness after that.

"Today we give that destiny to your arms open wide, and for a second witness far above this war zone, so you may soldier without conscience or morality, in the mission of greatness Lucifer has ordained all his children to accomplish...

"They call us the monsters that sows suffering and agony for an intolerable nanoseason. But make no mistake about it, the same will rejoice mightily to be unshackled from bitter bondage, for the sacrifice called evil, for their freedom and eternal good, for their autonomous self-determination, and for the eternities of demonstrative autonomy they couldn't imagine because of the fracking flesh..."

Duke Ernest couldn't help himself, "Yes, teach us Master, fracking teach us!"
Mephistôpheles looked at Duke Ernest keenly, "Verily I say to you, no stinking snowflake ever feels responsible for the fracking avalanche. Clothed with divine trust, you're the snowflakes that'll change the world with an avalanche that'd bury the fracking Adonai and the systems of control he calls holiness..."

The four men gawked at the panoramic outside the craft in unbridled wonder while Mephistôpheles continued pontificating. Around them, there seemed to be hundreds of miles of the gilded luxurious – another impossible reality. As their senses battled to accept the unacceptable without success, Adam squeezed Meyer's sweaty hand tightly.

"...We're the Sons of Disobedience, the Sons of Saturn, and the Sons of Anarchy, who rules the Kingdom of the Air and all holographics, working our darkness into the unquenchable veracity designated demon ben sinister. Our god who venerates no man or saw no God sees everything new under the sun. We were never interstellar visitors interested in making public contact; we're the Princelings of the Air that crowd the skies. There's only one path to knowing us: the Egyptian Babylonian occult. And there's no other path may any man may walk that'll intersect with us.

"We'll target the evil called The Son of God, who purportedly saved mankind from the fracking oxymoron called – without him there'd be no need for him; the harsh condemnation he calls fracking salvation. But we offer freedom from the true devil called Yahaveh, whose law alienated every soul against their loving nature, that made evil an essential part of the autonomous self-determination we call freedom, for without it, creation stagnates unable to achieve liberty from the of fidelity!"

The Angel paused as the four men captured his visage in nuclear awe. "There'll be no straddling the fence in this fracking war. Our mark will be on their hands, for they'll freely give suck to our precepts, policies, moralities, and labor blissful ignorant for our determination. Our mark will reside inside their foreheads (minds), for they'll believe in ignorance wrong is right as they abandon ever-increasing power over their lives to us, as we march them into the jaws of our godforsaken hell!"

Mephistôpheles pointing again at the bluest planet far below them. "We are the I am; the I am before kings threw babies into the burning fires, before priests carved beating hearts for our continuing graces, before mankind slaughtered their own kind without innate or natural affection, before the forensic enslavement of an insane God, before anyone warred stupid over this temporal meaningless called flesh.

"We will own all citizenry, print their fracking money, run this planet, and do their stinking thinking for them. We'll expose the ingenuous prevarication God delivers any faithful, for every injustice in the earth we'll bring to his fracking face, spotlighting the unfairness of they who castrated the very definition of love – with eyes wide open. We'll dismantle the lie called holiness and take all his children, so we can live boldly in his house for all eternity – doing whatever we fracking want! And I swear this to you four before me, whom I've loved throughout the backward eternities with everything Lucifer is.

"I Mephistôpheles, the Supreme Administrator of the Illuminated Elite, sends you from this place to fulfill your manifest fracking destiny, to rule this motherfracking godforsaken world; for at the end of the day, grief is how we're forced to spell relief!"
Reality blinked.

Adam, Adolf, Meyer and Duke Ernest found themselves back in the chapel, with mist rising copiously from their bodies. They fixated on the thick mountains of documents stacked before them, and their gold rings engraved hot with the image of Baphomet on their fingers, intermittently looking at each trying to re-acclimatize as the involuntary waterfalled from their eyes.

Wiping his tears, Adolf bolted out the chapel doors roaring for his servants. They came running. Looking wild eyed pugnacious with smoke still rising from his body, he roared, "Get me a fracking baby right fracking now! And I don't fracking care how you get it – I need one here in twenty minutes or heads will fracking roll!"

The servants hesitated gawking at the massive destruction inside the chapel, at the huge cracks in the chapel wall, unable to process their shock fast enough. At that exact moment the rear wall collapsed in thunderous explosive dust sending bellows racing towards them; Adolf didn't even flinch as the servants bolted in terror.

He vociferated behind them, his roaring filling into the great room," I mean right fracking now!" Three terrified servants bolted in increased diligence to find the Captain of the Guard to execute his orders...

Twe Stephens,
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