The Affliction Part 1
In the capital of Indian country, on the murals of Aztec Avenue and down the street at Ford Motors, it was payday. A perfect storm greeted the Navajo, the Hopi, and the Zuni; even as far away as Arizona, the huge Pima had gathered. Pick-up trucks and ever gleeful children rode in the open air. It didn't matter the highway. Route 666, though having ...
I Go Where I Want To Go
In the aftermath of a painful truth about the death of an American boy on an American shore, I taught my racial psychology class, and the irony did not escape us last night. It is in the pre-holiday spirit where the teacher does not want to teach; the students do not want to learn. Early dismissal and goodbye. But it just doesn't go down that way. ...
Finders Keepers?
Honest to a fault, I thought. My little pension was carrying me through, and I NEVER stole a dime, I swear, but now I  feel I may be involved in something very weird.About seven days ago, my pension check came into my Chase account as it usually does at the end of the month through ACH. Along with that, another ACH electronic check was posted....
John Kennedy, Thanksgiving & a Pick and Choose Gal Named Sandy
Hurricane Sandy was the storm that changed the beach. I remember sitting under the boardwalk. How it took a long time to reach the shore. Today at Coney Island, the sea has wiped the distance away. There is no more shore line. In a few more hurricanes, there will be no beach. Maybe no people. New York is going under the water from which it came. Ha...
A Thousand Miles
Thanksgiving is a few days away. I’ll spend it with my husband, calling our kids who live too far away to visit, remembering our mothers who have left this world. Neither Terry’s nor my mother lived to enjoy this day, but we did. And we remember and give thanks for the good times when my mother was healthy and his mother still had a steel-trap memo
Your Comfort Zone Could Be The Death of You
“If you really want to know yourself, start writing a book” _Theodore Roosevelt_ When I joined Toastmasters International, I became aware of my passion for writing. I delivered ten great inspirational speeches. But like most people I had the fear of public speaking and my aim for being a member was to overcome that fear. I realised that the only wa
An Author's Creed
1. I promise to always be true to the character’s personality even when you as a reader don’t always agree or understand. 2. I promise to not drag out a series longer than what the story truly demands just to milk you of your hard earned dollars. 3. I promise to release series in a timely manner so as not to keep my readers needlessly waiting. 4. I
Is the Indie world headed for a literary Armaddeon?
There are titans vying for control and Indie authors are like the David's of our time. The titans don't go by the names of HarperCollins or Penguin Random House. Those folks are still in shock that we dared to, with the help of Amazon and Smashwords, come forth like a dark horse and break every fence that exists with the e-book phenomena, but they
A Perspective on Writer's Block
It’s nothing short of infuriating!  It does no less than put your soul in a bench vice!  It makes you want to throw up your hands, spew a string of profanities that would make Gordon Ramsey blush and abandon this maddening thing called writing!!  It’s an energy stealing, soul sucking, universe imploding ailment called writer’s block
The Apple of my eye...
Often in life God takes us on obstacles that are designed to mold us into superhuman beings.... (If you BELIEVE in God you must think that possible.) And to be supper human you had to endure a few things, and in that you learn to respect all things and take them just as they are. After all God designed them to teach you how to be the best you, you
Choose to Accept Your Happenings
Everything happens for a reason. If you choose to believe that reason is to send you spiraling into the season the Lord has chosen for you, you can't fail no matter what happens to you. I choose to accept my you?
Your Circumstance
When your circumstances lead you down unseen pathways. It will not matter which path you take as long as your guide is God. You'll always end up exactly where you should be. 
'Expected' by Sarah England I hope I have uploaded my information correctly.... possibly not.... but the above link is to 'Expected' by Sarah England. This is comedy fiction published by crooked cat a few weeks ago. In paperback and kindle on amazon, smashwords and crooked cat.  Synopsis: 'Expected' is in the genre of women's fiction
The Seed Press release by SOP newspaper network and radio program, "The American Perspective." Picked up by Google News
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Investigating the Crime Scene
OK. You've started your thriller. Murdered off a character. The police are on their way. Now what?   Readers demand accuracy. Feed them the wrong information and they’ll let you know you've made a mistake. So, to the best of your ability, you’d better know who does what, and what happens, at the crime scene if you are going to write about one.
Hello my Charmaine Galloway and I am so excited that my debut novel is now in stores!!! Its called Girlfriends Secrets and it is a Christian Fiction Novel.
To Risk Extinction
A research scientist discovers the anti androgen hormone. It inhibits sexual libido, once it is induced into an organism. However, it factors at an excelled rate, not only quelling sexual urges, but shutting down reproductive organs and halting the production of natural hormones. This causes rapid aging, mass depression, and unbridled violence resu
Would like to meet everyone!
Hi, my name is Victoria.  I am knew to this site, and therefore would like to meet new friends.  Please send a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   I have viewed many interesting profiles, but I can't seem to be able to navigate requests.  I write mystery suspense thrillers, but read all genre's.  I am a fan of the paranorm
Creative Writing
I see almost everywhere the phrase  " Creative Writing " But just what is Creative Writing? Is it something that someone has just created and we are supposed to say WOW! I thought that all writing was creative in its own way by the author of it? What are your views?
Open Book: Leigh Walls, Illustrator & Writer
You authors asked for it...and I got it for ya!  Open Book presents Leigh Walls (Illustrator & Writer).  Q sat down with former Marvel and FacePalm Comic writer and illustrator Mr. Leigh (pronounced Lee) Walls to give you a glimpse of an illustrator's life.  This was filmed in December 2012, so sorry for the late releas