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Do We Inspect What We Expect?

Everyone would like a long lasting, loving relationship. Unfortunately, there's more trial and error, followed by separation. Was it them or was it us? We tend to blame the latter. Nonetheless, we have to ask ourselves, "Do we inspect what we expect?" When we're not in love and completely satisfied with ourselves, yet seeking happiness outside of ourselves, we're doing all involved a disservice. You see, if we're not certain with where we stand and how we view ourselves, once we begin to look into a person we'll always find fault. It's like, we're not happy but trying to make someone else smile. There would never be a genuine connection because not knowing will be the constant distraction. If there is no relating, there is no relationship. There's a process referred in the old days as courtship. That's a period of time whereas there's communication, not fornication. In today's dating scene,...
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