Death to Our Future
In 1950, two million was the count for people housed in the city of Philadelphia. Since then, that number has done nothing but decrease due to the ploys used to keep the numbers beneath a particular quota. The Black Community, give the city a 44.3 percentage rate out of 100 according to the United States Census Bureau of 2012, which means that 55.7
Talent Without Skill
At one point in time I kind of thought talent and skill were equal to one another, but as I've grown I now understand the difference between the two. Talent to many folks means the behaviors you find yourself doing often or repetitiously, a recurring pattern of thought or feeling that can be applied productively. I personally disagree with that bec
A TRIBUTE TO RAY BRADBURY by Salvatore Buttaci
               MARTIAN CHRONICLES (1950) I first met Ray Bradbury in the pages of his book The Illustrated Man way back in 1951. His easy flowing, poetic style of writing science fiction and fantasy hooked me into a love of these genres to this very day. From that book came others throughout the Fabulous Fifties and beyond. They were books I had to
Schettino’s Failure of Leadership
Several years ago while taking a class onmanagement styles, a question came up that made a powerful impact on how I interacted with people around me. The question was this; Is management and leadership the same thing? On one hand, management is the process of dealing with or controlling things or people. While leadership is the action of leading pe
One Schools Reaction to the Trayvor Martin Killing
My friend and fellow Author Info contributor Angelo McCutchen shared a video made at his son's school. All I can hope is it will open our eyes and stop people living in fear due to their own ignorance.
What is a Kindle?
Everyone is raving and talking about this new device that is available at amazon called the "KINDLE" it cost about $139 and you can use it to download anything from books to newspapers from all around the world, for a fraction of the sales price, instantly. Will this device make hard cover and paperback books obsolete? I don't truly know the answer
Pay Pal Users Be Aware!!!
This is an email that I got today and I wanted to bring it to every one's attention. Pay pal did not send me this this an actual copy of a "FRAUDULENT" email 1. See the part where it says To: Undisclosed- Recipient Pay pal knows our names. 2. Verify Identity is a no no online because you do not know who is verifying you or not. 3. If you cannot com
"​Jaded"​ The New Novel By Envy Red Coming Soon 11/18/11
Imagine having your life consumed with nightmares of an addict mother whose career in prostitution leaves no one including yourself exempt from its consequences, an unknown father whose only mark left on your life are unexplained exotic features. Imagine learning that you were marked and written off as criminally insane at the tender age of 12 and
Black History Month: Celebrating Unity Destroying Divide
Originally started as Negro History Week in 1926 by Carter Godwin Woodson, Black History Month evolved as a means to celebrate the many contributions African Americans have made to their communities and the greater good of society as a whole. 1976 would mark the time when the celebration as mainstream would come to know it would obtain it'​s tradit