You meet three young ladies in their high school years and already, they have a plan mapped out for their future and are working hard to obtain it.  They seemed to be three girls who were friends, but not really friends.  But they stayed close throughout the years.  They each end up finding the men in their lives and from here you start to see their lives unravel.  I feel like any woman can connect with these character in some kind of way.  Gladys is in relationship where she finds herself being more of who she know she is.  Rhonda is a know it all who thinks she deserves everything with no moral compass. Shayla wants what she always dreamed about in a marriage.  You see these girls each getting what they want.  Later on in the future we see that the lives that these girls want are within their grasp.

Shayla married Titus who was all about her from day one and you see that their marriage really isn't what it seemed tobe.  Titus is not treating her like a wife and he has the worst reason why.Meanwhile, Shayla is venting to Rhonda about how messed up her marriage and you would think that this woman is her best friend and should be encouraging her to fight for her marriage and she does, but in her own messed up way.  Rhonda is crossing boundaries and thinking she has every right to do it but to me, I couldn't stand her.  Gladys is making moves of her own when she is invited to a party clear across town and meets the one man that she let get away.

Secrets are learned when lines are crossed way to close to home.  Mostly by Rhonda and you find.  Shayla being really classy about it and finding her own way of putting up with unknown betrayal. You actually see Shayla coming into her own and really demanding more of what she wants from Titus.

Titus has a story as well and it's a pretty complex thing that I don't want to talk about because no matter how you put it up.  It's wrong, what he did was wrong.  I felt like this book had a really good flow from the beginning where they were just kids to women who need to come into their own and find that strength within themselves to be the type of women that they want to be.  Even Rhonda, just a smidge though.    This book really was an exciting reading and again another one of those books that it was hard for me to put down.  Thank you so much Shani.


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 Secrets of Kept Woman 1
Author: Shani Greene-Dowdell
Publisher: Nayberry Publications
Published Date: August 08, 2009
ISBN-10: 0981584330
ISBN-13: 978-0981584331