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Gangsta Divas by Denesha Diamond - Book Review


The drama continues to unfold in Gangsta Divas by Denesha Diamond.  I don't know how long we are going to keep this up, but I'm always hyped up when another Diva book comes out.  Of course, all your favorite characters are back and are coming back more ruthless than ever when it comes to being on top of the street game.  The one gang, the cripettes make an appearance in this book and you actually get a few questions answered.  Willow is making a statement, Leshelle gets what she always wanted, and Tashara is letting her love for Profit rule all.

The book picks up right where the Street Divas left off and Lucifer's life is flipped upside down when one minute she is professing her love and the next she is losing her love and gaining some hope at the same time.  With Fat Ace gone, there is a power struggle between Lucifer and her brother, but that doesn't last long because Lucifer is not having it. She knows she controls all the power of the Vice Lords and she is not about to fight for it.  Her brother does take too long trying to realize that.

Leshelle is giving Tashara a hard time while she is in the hospital, but what we don't realize is that all it takes is Leshelle saying something stupid and Tashara comes out of her crazy state and she ends up giving Leshelle what she deserves.  Well, I thought she deserved it.  You find out what happens to Lemonhead's baby and you meet some new characters that come in the mix.  I immediately don't like her because she is responsible for Essence demise, but she will start to get herself into her own trouble.  You come face to face with Peaches past when you meet her sister Alice.  She made her debut in Street Divas and has her own story to tell when it comes to Fat Ace and Python while getting some revenge of her own on Momma Peaches.

While in the hospital Leshelle gets some help from her Queen G's and ends up walking down the aisle and almost losing Python at the same time.  Tashara is allowed to leave with her parents and go home, but through a brief argument with her parents, she ends up going with Profit and to the streets.  You actually start to see them make some grown up decisions and their frustration as a couple.  Meanwhile, Lucifer is starting to make some connections towards the demise of her brother and starts doing what she does best, bringing the pain.  This is where you meet another new character named Shariffa and I got to say for a smart mind she sure does make some stupid decisions and I don't really think she knows what she is in for.  The ending of this book,  I got to say was the saddest yet and made me want to pull Leshelle out of this book and beat her ass myself,  but I bet the next book Tashara is going to put on some thick skin and do what's needed to get her sister in check.


Book Details

Book Listing
Title:Gangsta Divas
Author: Denesha Diamond
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp
Published Date: December 24, 2012
ISBN-10: 0758247591
ISBN-13: 978-0758247599

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