Yes, another Zane book.  You're right another one of her heart stopping, stomach clenching, hand clapping book.  I put this as another one of her legendary books that she wrote a long time ago.  I just don't think it gets enough credit where credit is due.  Next to the sorority, this book was another one that was pulled out of her infamous book Zane Sex Chronicles: Shattering the Myth.  I got to say, if she ever wants to pull from any more stories, feel free.  I will be the first one reading them.

This book takes us into the life of Jonquinette, Jon for short and she is suffering from dissociative identity disorder with a twist. If you read the excerpt at the beginning of the book, then you know what I mean.  You start off meeting Jon and see that she is a timid little thing who really keeps to herself.

Like her life is go to work, come home and do it all over again.  She has this life for a good reason because when she is sleep, Jude awakens and she doesn't need another life because this woman lives it for her.  Jon and Jude have been living in each other's shoes since childhood.  Jon knows that something is wrong with her and Jude thinks nothing is wrong with the life they have.  Jon ends up seeking help and thus enter Dr. Spencer (I hope you all remember her).  Dr. Spencer hears Jon's side of the story and continues to see her for treatment.  We all know that Jude does not like this and ends ups showing her dominance or trying to show her dominance more.

While all this is happening, a young man tries to enter her life in a good way and show her that she can be loved.  Jon is not having any of it, being that she tries to stay far away from the male species.  A wedding ends up pulling these two character together and Jon starts to feel something.  Unfortunately, Jude is not having it and sets a plan in motion to break up anything that could happen in the future.

Dr. Spencer starts digging into Jon's past, but you end up seeing it through Jude's eyes and for good reason.  Jon has a lot of blackouts and wakes up not remembering anything.  After a while, Jude ends up speaking to Dr. Spencer and then things start to get deep.

Overall, the book ends up taking a complete left turn and you find out why Jude was created and who created her.  This was another one her books that if you were reading this at work, you would probably try to finish it at work.  For me, I felt like this was a book about a woman trying to take control of her life and deal with her mentality before she could move forward with anybody.  I know the movie Addicted is coming out and I believe that it is going to be an awesome movie that I will see again and again.  But in the event that Zane decides she want to stay in the movie aspect of her books. I am begging you, please make this one a movie.  Heck, I think it deserves one.  Any takers?


Book Details

Book Listing
 Zane's Nervous
Author: Zane
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Published Date: August 26, 2003
ISBN-10: 0743476239
SBN-13: 978-0743476249
Other ISBN: 978-0743476232