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The Elevator Scene - Chapter 2 of REVIVAL by M.K. Gilher

The Elevator Scene - Chapter 2 of REVIVAL by M.K. Gilher

I hear a weird creaking noise and the lights flicker. I'm jostled about before the elevator jerks to a halt in mid-flight and the lights go out. My fellow elevator patrons gasp and grumble. Random lights appear as people pull out their cellphones. In the commotion of the crowded elevator, I'm heaved back onto my Italian-shoed stranger even more. I feel strong hands wrap around my hips. I'm so close I can feel his chest rising and falling on my back.

Oh. Sweet. Jesus.

I can't fucking breathe. I can't fucking breathe.

His breath is steady and calm on my neck, almost as if he's enjoying watching me struggle for my self-control. The cat pinning the mouse down by the tail as the mouse struggles to get away.

Should I pull away from him? The Slut Ivy on my right shoulder rolls her eyes and says, Duh, no silly. Stay right where you are. The Feminist Ivy on my left shoulder is scowling at me. Just get your ass to work on time, woman. The truth is I couldn't move an inch even if I wanted to. Which I don't.

Time seems to have stopped. All I know is he's holding me to the heat of his massive male frame. I can't stop the images of this stranger's tongue casually licking its way down my entire body. I haven't even seen this man. But I am a shoe whore, and his shoes were fabulous.

I feel an uncontrollable electrical pull toward him. Synapses are firing between our bodies creating sparks that would light up even the darkest of nights.

He intensifies his hold on my left hipbone, his fingers digging in, while his other hand drifts up my back to my right ear. He softly pulls on the cord to my earbud, and all I can concentrate on is his warm, ragged breath on my neck.

He leans in close to my ear, and I hear a sucking sound. What the hell? I feel a warm sensation as he trails the tip of his wet finger from my shoulder up to my right earlobe.

Holy shit.

My breath catches, and a low chuckle vibrates against my skin. Prick. I smile to myself for mentally insulting him. He flexes his fingers and glides his large palm across my cashmere-covered abdomen and presses lightly on my belly. He's trying to help me slow my breathing. Bringing me back to the present… with him.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

He pushes on my abdomen and forces my backside right onto his rock hard erection. Just kill me now. I'm good. I could totally write my obituary after this experience. Dead from feeling Italian-shoed stranger's erection against my ass. What a great way to go.

I can feel his breathing speed up just below my right earlobe, matching mine. Is he just as affected as I am? He reaches for my right wrist and pins it behind me on my lower back. Great, now I can feel his rippling hard abs along with his swelling erection. His grip is arduous, strong, and unforgiving. But damn, does it feel good. Like home… with apple pie baking in the oven.

The elevator jolts as if we're all on a roller coaster ride. His hold deepens around me, bringing me relief and comfort. I must be insane to think he's bringing me relief and comfort. I'm in this pitch-black elevator, stuck on god knows what floor, and I'm having an erogenous affair with a stranger. Yet, somehow, my soul knows I'm safe in his arms. It's nothing like I ever felt with Kevin or any of the others before him. The lights flicker again, but remain off, leaving me to wonder if I'm in a dream. A sweet dream I hope I never wake from. Just induce this coma, please. Thanks doc, I won't be needing to call you in the morning.

He uses his foot to part my feet and pushes one leg between mine. His sturdy thigh nudges against my bottom. He gathers my hair and moves it to my right side, baring the left side of my neck and my left shoulder. Thank you, cashmere tunic. He runs a fingertip from my ear, over my clavicle, to my upper arm, and I'm done for. This is how I'm going to die. Yep, this is it. Just put me out of my misery, please.

A ping fills the dark space and the emergency lights flicker on. The elevator lurches upward and the passengers sigh in relief. We come to a stop again, and the doors open to a landing full of building security. I have no idea what floor I'm on or what the hell my name is. All I know is this stranger still has me powerfully imprisoned up against him. He lets go of my hair, and I hear a sharp intake of air next to my right earlobe.

He hisses, "I love that fucking song," and pops my right earbud back in. The strong hold around my abdomen vanishes.

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