From Giants to Addicts. Who benefits from the health industry in America?

From Giants to Addicts.  Who benefits from the health industry in America?

This is the scariest thing I witnessed since Magic Johnson said he had HIV. What in the hell happened? You know what's even scarier? Magic Johnson is less than a year younger than Michael Clarke Duncan! Now how in the hell a man with a man "made" disease out lives a man who could kick the Incredible Hulk's ass...and he was a vegetarian! The answer is right in front your face. Y'all like, "Oh lawd, this nigga is at it again. Here he go...what now!" Don't be mad, just saying. This comes from Mr. Carlos Muhammad of LUV4Self. He posted this pic with great information that needs to be addressed. Now me! I just pissed y'all off with the straight facts y'all can't handle. You can be mad but I don't lie. Let's get down to business. Michael Clarke Duncan's death shocked the world and a lot of questions are going to come out from this. Now Carlos Muhammad answered those questions but I'm going to place blame. Who benefits from the US health "industry"? Answer: who runs the USDA? The same people who created it. Most of y'all are thinking is this article about racism too? Yes. Eugenics first termed and published in 1883 by Francis Galton, cousin of Charles Darwin. This was introduced to europeans worldwide and europeans in America are no different. It was such a ground breaking concept that a former "confederate" captain and representative introduced and made into "Law" the experimental research and depletion of the same thing that Michael Clarke Duncan and all of "us" have been missing since 1933...minerals. William Hatch (Democrat) was an eugenist. Read the Hatch Act of 1887. This is the government paying for experimental stations on this country's soil. What about 2002 Farm-Bill? Or the Morrill Act of 1890? This is what formed the USDA to what it is today. Name one American bred Afrikan that had anything to do with this or does? You can't! Not even ya' boy Obama. I said this before...grafted people can create and survive off grafted products. Everything you eat in this country is NOT healthy. It never has been. I'll say it again. There isn't anything "produced" in America that is healthy. YES, that is fact. I'll prove it. Tell me what is the definition of FRESH? Not the street term either! Seriously, fresh means no salt. But when you buy foods and see the big ass word FRESH written across a sign you think it's healthy. Fresh does not mean healthy. Salt is healthy. Know your body, you are made from salts. The food you eat is SANITIZED. That's right. If you pick an apple from a tree that's NEW to become ripe naturally. You picked it from the source. Remember, you picked it. If you pick an apple from a bucket or an isle in the produce section, it's CONTAMINATED. Now what is sanitized: altered to make palatable or to make clean. You don't see the word healthy nowhere in that definition. Anything with a USDA Stamp does not make it healthy, it means it's sanitized. This is done by a committee who voted on "their" standards, not yours. This is what I mean by being literate. People of melanin need natural minerals to survive. So why buy supplements that's not of you by you? But guess what? These minerals are in products you can't physically digest. How can gatorade be healthier than the water in your body? Simple, you destroy the content of water and the people of water. You know the Nile Valley Civilization is name after the "river" that populated the world? Remember Romans believed water consumption was a sin. Then the White Plague broke out. Have those ideas changed? What's being destroyed in Afrika, water wells. What's the #1 consumer market in the world, the health industry. Who's health? Your car, computer, skateboard, gym socks, condom, and beer bottle are healthier and stronger than you. Does that make any sense? It only make sense to those who benefit from it. The #1 leading cause for death in American bred Afrikans is Heart Dis-ease, mainly High Blood Pressure. High Blood Pressure is a "CONDITION". It's not hereditary. Meaning, you "train" a person to eat certain foods and live a certain lifestyle. Does any of this sound familiar? Yes it does, you just too embarrassed to admit it. Don't feel left out, my wife is a RN at one of the most so-called prestigious hospitals in the world, she makes me feel dumb. Now let's keep it 100. All the so-called advances in medicine are just that "advances". Europeans are telling you they're killing you in a different wording. Pick up a dictionary! The MisConception of Equality strikes again. Europeans build themselves up and tear you down at the same time and rate. I'm not a racist. Let's make that clear! Crystal Clear! I challenge anyone to prove me wrong. Think of the problems that exist now and who's responsible. Vitamins supplements today only work for those who "created" it. Stop trusting and believing in people who CANNOT create you. That's first nature! Prime example, human milk is good for children directly from their mother for a certain amount of months. That's it. What's the definition of pasteurize in milk? Sanitary! You can't find the word healthy in that definition? But you sure do see a USDA stamp if it's sold here. So what's WHOLE milk or evaporated milk? How about the latest BS..."raw" milk? What the hell is that? Think about it. So what's the definition of healthy? It's a CONDITION! Just like a dis-ease, healthy is anything that maintains a level of nutritional or nourishing value and replenishes itself. Raw fruit and vegetables are perfect examples of healthy foods because they keep well and when they decompose (NOT rot) the remains can create itself after being planted. Those are resources. Can a store bought vitamin tablet do that? What scares me is food with an expiration date on it. If you can put a date on fruits to decompose that's a fruit I ain't eating. Expiration means ending of a "fixed" time. Fixed time?! That sounds creepy. See my point? So now you see how we went from being dwarfs to giants in 300,000 yrs but less than 300 yrs we went from giants to addicts. What does an addict do to his body? He deteriorate himself by the faith of what he eats. Why? Because he's been fooled to believe "whatever" he does is good for him. If earth deteriorates then so does it's "natural" inhabitants. That's a fact. Peace.

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