This is my first blog post, if you have any questions feel free to ask.

The topic for today is about genre, literary, and my personal taste and counter-literary fiction. For a long time I used to be a science fiction writer, specifically prefering to write near future spec fic. Not space travel, but rather new advances in psycho-therapy and other aspects that aren't necessarily to do benefit of recipiants. Though over time my fiction gradually became subtler, focusing more on speculative disorders and less on the technology itself. Until that eventually became closer to contemporary fiction with a very very slight technological bent.

I tried getting into literary communities, but found that there is still a little bit of aristrocratic mentally at times. Like allot of the work that is often praised tend to focus on the richly upperclass, and high middle-class. For my part, I prefer to focus on the "sabotuers", or the old term denoted for the people that wore wooden shoes in factories and tossed their clogs into machine in order to mess them up during riots. I don't really care for the genre elitism you'll often find in fantasy and science fiction communities, that tend to eschew anything that doesn't perfectly align with their view on reality.

Thus my first novella, soon to be a graphic novel, primarily focuses on counter-literary, or stories that focus on the poor citizen journalists instead of the caviar eating aristrocrats. Though not necessarily wearing wooden shoes--society isn't that desperate yet, I don't believe just yet.

Done editing,
The Flame Before Us – this week

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