Originally started as Negro History Week in 1926 by Carter Godwin Woodson, Black History Month evolved as a means to celebrate the many contributions African Americans have made to their communities and the greater good of society as a whole. 1976 would mark the time when the celebration as mainstream would come to know it would obtain it'​s tradition of being celebrated each year in the month of February. This was done to commemorate the life of abolitionist Frederick Douglass and Emancipation Proclamation writer Abraham Lincoln who were both born during the month of love.

So with such great history behind the tradition, why has it adorned a reputation of creating divide among it'​s opposers? What is it'​s relevance to those proponents who believe in it'​s significance? Is it as releveant today as it has been in the past? Why or why not? What about the decision to celebrate during the month of February, is it justified or is it falling short of that which it was intended? Is enough being done to encourage the youth and even the elders of today to acknowledge the great contributions of those names both small and great who came before them paving the way for their future? Is there more that can be done to promote unity and destroy divide surrounding the celebration and all year round?

These are all questions I have asked myself and thus wondered how the masses relate to their many answers. Each can be addressed in great detail and that is where the you as the reader comes in to open the dialogue for change that is progressive and keeps the dream alive. However, on the final question I will leave you with this thought. In no way should Black History be adorned and sport the crown of divide. It is up to all mankind depite their race, color, or creed to keep in their memory those across cultural lines who have made a difference in the world in which we live no matter how big or small their contribution may appear. For the sake of our youth and our futures, I believe it is necessary to take the time to reflect on those great sacrifices that were made to provide all of mankind with the opportunities and accomplishments that we equally bask in today. Do we make this a time to divide the races and gloat upon the significant? No it should be a time to highlight those who paved the way for a brighter future while never taking for granted the opportunities for everyone to carry the torch as they are presented today and forever in the future.