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"​Jaded"​ The New Novel By Envy Red Coming Soon 11/18/11

Imagine having your life consumed with nightmares of an addict mother whose career in prostitution leaves no one including yourself exempt from its consequences, an unknown father whose only mark left on your life are unexplained exotic features. Imagine learning that you were marked and written off as criminally insane at the tender age of 12 and that this same mental illness has you torn between two worlds of fantasy and reality. The twists and turns of this true to life drama will leave you speechless when fact is separated from fiction in "​Jaded."​

Come along for the ups and downs of this jaw dropping drama as Envy Red steps outside of erotica to bring you an intense read about social issues such as mental illness and childhood trauma that cross cultural boundaries, the sometimes tumultuous human transition from childhood to adulthood, and everything in between.

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