What is a Kindle?

Everyone is raving and talking about this new device that is available at amazon called the "KINDLE" it cost about $139 and you can use it to download anything from books to newspapers from all around the world, for a fraction of the sales price, instantly.

Will this device make hard cover and paperback books obsolete?

I don't truly know the answer to this question but, let's just say that everyone in the world brought a Kindle then were those that leave the hand held books, magazines and newspapers. As for me, you can call me old fashion because, I love to sitting in my tub and read a good book and turn the pages one by one. All this tech stuff seems to be making things easier for some people to be a bit more devices savvy but, at the same time we are becoming lazier as a person each day. I remember when my step father made biscuits from scratch and man do I miss those biscuits, there is nothing like a homemade biscuits.

I Just think this new device can be a negative change for all of us and especially for many authors who are writing books and don't want it to be available for this device, or can't afford the cost of having their books available in this device. How are they going to make any money with the publishing companies when amazon kindle version are $9.99 even though as an author you will get 70% back from royalty and that is not a bad deal when you think of it but, what is going to happen to our local book stores, the people in our community who strive to bring us good reads, like that African Man that we see in New York City's street selling their books for 10 bucks or less to feed their family.

Some of the perks are really nice on the Kindle because, you do get a chance to download games, magazines, newspapers and books and much more but, I am sticking with my soft and hard cover books even though I have provide my books in the kindle version but, don't blame me for wanting more sales of my books because Kindles are selling fast and I need to sale some books and I must keep up with the latest technology. I figured out that there is always going to be something new, that will come steal us away from old fashion more and more and I guess we all just have to go with the flow of things or we will be left behind in this tech world.


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