Death to Our Future

Death to Our Future

In 1950, two million was the count for people housed in the city of Philadelphia. Since then, that number has done nothing but decrease due to the ploys used to keep the numbers beneath a particular quota. The Black Community, give the city a 44.3 percentage rate out of 100 according to the United States Census Bureau of 2012, which means that 55.7 percent are of other races (Latino, Caucasian, Asian, Korean, etc.). That does not include the folks who chose not to participate in the census, or the people who provide shelter to family and friends. The two, would give the Black Community a percentage rate well over the fifty mark it’s been kept under. Blacks possess a multitude of threats and must be contained and controlled by any means necessary. For one, if we are allowed to continue to reproduce in the numbers in which we do today then the American Government will eventually have to do something about that. The population would be enormous and who would have the power to control a misdirected and deceived people in numbers surpassing the two million mark, in one city? The higher power (I do not speak of God) finally came up with a solution and did something about it in 1985.

The creation, of the opportunity to get rich quick and obtain the finer things in life is one of the most brilliant ideas to ever come to the mind of man. Not only was the idea brilliant, it’s effective and has been for almost forty years. An average of 200 plus black men, women and children die annually from gun violence alone in Philadelphia. Last year the city recorded 329 murders, as of December 2, we are at 225 murders for this year (2013). City officials will tell you that this is a good thing to have a low number such as this year’s murder rate. But how is that good when in two years our city suffered the lost of over 600 family members and/or friends. Now take a minute to think about how populated the city would be without these violent acts that end in fatalities. The city would be populated with African Americans who would no longer be the poverty party but the rulers of a place they consider to be home. Illegal justice was necessary and murder became the answer to prevent this from ever occurring. This solution is what folks including myself call, genocide. The consequences for murder or any crime in Philadelphia depends on the victim and/or the violator. I wonder why that is?

According to a Frontline news article titled “How Criminals get Guns”, an ATF agent from California named every way possible for a criminal to attain these tools of war, except for the number one source of them all… the manufacturers.  The get rich plan would never work without weapons to protect the riches acquired and the weapons needed for the less fortunate to attack those who are living that creation of opportunity. The division of anything gives you less than 100 percent. The division of a people gives you death to a future. I once heard over a decade ago, that confiscated guns were melted or dismantled but I later learned that they were actually resold and redistributed to “gun dealers”. Today, I am reading and hearing the verbatim version that these weapons are being melted down or dismantled, but why would a town that needs money destroy money? Especially, when there is a black market that will allow the sale of everything on the market.

Reality says, “That the only way to cease the murders and make Philadelphia streets safer is to do away with this higher power that exist and become more supportive of one another as a whole.” Now I know this may sound like waking up and seeing a Unicorn on your lawn but the search for a solution bothers me because it’s not a hard to solve problem. Remember though, without crime in the city where would the many anchormen, lawyers, judges, prosecutors, sheriffs, prison officials, cops, and every other occupation in the judicial system work? It’s a fine design. Philadelphia is one of the six largest urban cities in the United States. In 2012, census reported that it contained 1.548 million people residing in this second largest city on the East Coast. In the year 2010, the population was recorded at 1,526,006; it was also estimated in a post by CBS Philly that exact year, that the population had made an increase of about 8,000 people since the year 2000. I personally believe that the increase was and is much higher than what is being portrayed by these “census reports”. Unfortunately for the inhabitants of this city, two million citizens scream too many citizens, especially when the majority just happens to be African Americans. The city allows the birth of about four to eight black children per day on average, that times 365 equals 1,460 to 2,920 per year. You do the math.

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