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What My Love Do.....

Orgasmic highs

They capture you

Journey to the sun

Shoot past the moon

And watch you orbit the world

I am the eight wonder

And this is what my love do

Mental telepathy

Souls intertwined

Caught up in the rapture

Hypnotic mind potions

You're under my possession

Because this is what my love do

Just watch as I lick my lips

They whisper the words

That invite you 

Invite you between my hips

To tango with my deepest 

Innermost desires

Grabbing you ever so tightly

This is what my love do

Dripping wet from my nectar

Pulsating sensations

Across swollen manhood

Tension rises and overcome

Volcanic eruptions

Leave you trembling

Reduced to vulnerability

This is what my love do 

Never wanting to leave

The space once inhibited

Give me one time

Mind blowing

Body collapsing

And you will be desperate

Desperate to rewind the clock

Lose track of reality 

Yearning for more

That is what my love do 

© 2012 by Envy Red 


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