Poetry that will touch you in more ways then 1. It can touch your heart, your soul, your spirit, the mind, or just all over your body. It can motivate you for success, or it can motivate you to undress. None the less, you will be touched.




Submit to the notion

Your body is being told to flow like the ocean

The motion of the waves

Commit to pleasure that will continue for days

A consent haze

Listening to the words as they play


It being your first time, the first thought is to run away

But slowly you walk to the bed for your body to lay

Instead, I want you in front of me

Close your eyes and allow your body to be free

Let my words hit you naturally

Now, completely strip for me

Dance to the music seductively

Classy I want your essence to remain

Hold that pose for it needs to be in a frame

I'm going to show you the meaning of your name

The same mind set you won't have

Even though you are tempted

My body you can not grab

When the time is right

I'm going to hit all your spots and say good night

Because once you submit to me, you will see the light

The burning desire that you have been trying to fight

Sight of a new vision

Building strength becomes your mission

Listen to my voice

Your choice was to stay

So now you must do things my way

Know that I'm going to take care of all your needs

Not just your body but your mind I will feed

Planting that seed of ecstasy

Taking you out of this world to another galaxy

Can you handle that?

Now you may speak to me

Your body language spoke naughty


But you thought I couldn't see

Words leave your mouth shyly

Can you spank me?

Genitally I bend you over

Rubbing your body all the way to your shoulder

Pull on your hair

I want you to watch this, so in the mirror you stare

I take my time as I touch you right there

Affection showed in the spanking to show you that I care

The sensation travels down to your clit

I follow the path with my figure to locate your split

Soft moans leaves your lips

Your hips start to rotate

While I master your bait


I don't want you yet to cum

It's to early to make you sprung

Have you sucking your thumb

Licking the tip

I got you where I want you thinking you handling this dick

You spent some time in your imagination

The moisture from your thoughts became your creation

I'm relaxing while I watch your masturbation

Dancing to a slow wind became your fixation

I sit smiling as you learn your body

I'm tempted to have you ride me

Glide me into your deep sea

That black door is calling me

But this is the time period for waiting

For you need to be embracing yourself

I want you to know who you are

To know your wealth

Because this right here will take you far

Your not ready to see all of the moon

Nor the stars

Soon you will be ready

But that is only when your mind becomes set and steady




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