The lack of the common denominator

The remaining factor is it don't make sense

The lack of knowledge seems to have went missing

The reasoning is unknown

Children having babies thinking their grown

The lack of family morals have been shown

My mind is blown

Too many children raising their own self

Parents are missing in action to teach their child their own wealth

Accepting teenage pregnancies instead of praying for help

There is a lack of waiting

Patience is fading

Enabling the craziness

Losing a child's innocents

Lost in this world that is turning to hopelessness

It's not going to happen over night, but us adults need to fix this

Our children are our future none the less

So we need to teach them that laying on there back is not their best

To be a leader and not a follower like so many of the rest

I can't stress this enough





Your children are a gift

You have been blessed

Lift the non understanding of respecting each other

Lift up your voice and be that father and mother

The choice of you not speaking is the futures killer

We got babies being drug dealers

Stealers you have some be

As you closed your eyes, this world becomes more crazy

Full of insanity

And you wonder why children don't have clarity

No understanding of what is unity

The freedom to think and not still be in slavery

Misery loves company

So where is the wisdom that you installed in them?

There are hopes and dreams

It seems because you are lost, so are they

The Lord is your strength so you can guide there way

You play with fire

The Devil sit back to watch and admire

Desire more destruction

Your taking no actions leads to more corruption

You hear the satisfaction in the Devil's laughter

After all the things that God has done for us

But what happened to In God We Trust?

Lust instead of save

You wonder why so many of our children we bury in the grave

As long as it's not yours, is that what you prayed?

Is this the foundation that you have laid?

It takes a village to raise

But you have people today afraid of a child

While you live your life

Others are scared to do what is right

Some are not even strong enough to fight

Except pray to the Lord for Him to bless this world with His light

Let you become the parent that you need to be

So one day this world can be seen once again so beautifully

Humbly as your servant Lord, I pray