Clearing out the rain storms

Taking away the clouds

Moans are being heard

Over the music it is getting loud

Sounds never been distinguished

Did I mention

That you are deep inside of me

All the way to the end of your shaft

Pleasing me

Filling me past capacity

Rather leave, you stayed in my womanhood

Stood at attention

While my voice you was hearing

Listening to every tempo

To ease up my breathing, you take it just a little slow

Show that you are not eager to quit

You bend me over to get a better fit

Separate my ass cheeks so you can see that split

With the touch of your tip, you circle my clit

Deliberate what entrance to use

Play with the holes and see which one to choose

Fold my arms behind me

Ride my ass as if you was saddled on me

Embedded on me

Imprint on me your name

Make sure for the other hole you do the same

Remembering this moment in my mind, this will be framed

Climaxing time and time again

When you deep stroke calling my name

Splashing while my body is pulsating

Racing is my heart

From the beginning of each orgasm to the end

My thighs shakes


Feelings of earthquakes

And ripples

Slow heaving as I'm catching my breathing

But needing more and ready to find out what's next

Left in your bag of tricks

Playfully you stick out your tongue while going for my clit

Opening my split

Head first, you dive right in it

Massaging it

Caressing it

Pulling me close

To tease it

And please it

Make me explode

Body winding fast while I'm losing control

Show nothing of no evidence

All of my juices went


Cause I heard the sound

Reversible frown as you slurped the last drop

Topped me off with a taste of my own

My juices on your lips is what was shown

Moan as I inhale my nectar

Visually known that he devoured my kitty

A round 2 I'm defiantly needing

The children are waking

I will be waiting for more this evening