Entertaining the 21st floor

With passion burning inside, we couldn't make it to our hotel room door

It started in the elevator

With each taste, the other was hungry for more

Kiss after kiss

Lips to my lips

Hands wondering all over my hips

Placing them firmly on my butt cheek

Exploring the size makes your knees weak

As we pause for a moment

Your eyes speaks to my inner freak

The cause of me wanting to be naughty

More then just flirty

Tongues begin to speak

Do as you want, just don't hurt me

Be that it was just the two of us

The love, lust and passion was lasting

While your tasting

I'm dripping

I'm suppose to be standing

But I find myself slipping

You decided you wanted me bending

Showing all my goodies

Licking your lips eagerly ready to devour my cookies

Cum again

When you found that spot

The elevator button got pulled to stop

Dropped to my knees

Your body spoke to me

It said please

I'll take my time with ease

Because I need to feed

And I promise not to choke

But I promise your body will be afloat

Manhood soaked

Hand genitally and firmly giving him a few strokes

Licks that cause trembles

Earthquakes that you can only mumble

Stumble over words

It's sound proof, so you won't be heard

As you begin to flood

I want to join you, so I play with my clitoris

Gaining composer, we continue our games

The same thought comes to mind

Find the elevator door button

Are you able to locate our room while I'm eating you from behind?

The timing of your crawl was slow

You couldn't figure out which way to go

I pulled your hair to show you the way

I don't want you to stray away

Stay on this adventure

The endless wonders in pleasure

Matter of fact, I rather have you assume the position

The halls filled with people are inspiring me

Entertaining the guest, blushing as they see

We are getting more turned on

How much more freaky can we be?

Use the imagination for the mind to open up completely


But it's only for the eyes of two

Looking in the direction of our door

Baby, after you