Flow by Flow, Line by Line

"Flow by Flow, Line by Line"

Stunned by the way your words pierce deep into me....

My thoughts forever changed by
your intellect,
Wise words flowing I cannot

Who is this you may ask am I
A majestic man who keeps my heart climbing.....

Rising above any misinterpretation,
your eyes are the light guiding
my enchanted destination.....

Independent by nature this is true,
but behind the pumped fist of the
girl who grew,
Lies the joy inspired by every word
flowing from you...

Romantic words filled with beauty,
vigilant words sparking

A metamorphosis of the growing

Set free within the lines of poetic rhyme.....

Verses flowing capture the open heart lock and key....

Visions of you, visions of me....

To combine a perfect destiny?

Love fill the page line after line,

answers revealed in the essence

of time....

Sabrina Daniels

Forever Love, Eternally Yours

Cry Me Freedom

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