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Adventure in the forest

It dawned.
The sun was leaving
its heavenly bedroom.
Mighty hunter Agya
returned to the home.
He hunted in vain
all night in the forest.
He was very tired and disappointed.
Near the old cedar-tree
Agya noticed
some strange creature of the underworld
who looked like hairless horned ape
with bat wings.
Horror embraced his heart.
His body began to tremble.
With big difficulty
He shot with arrow
the creature.
It thundered.
Strong wind
began to blow.
Unearthly laughter
was heard in the air.
The dying creature
said to the hunter:
"You are killing me now.
But I will be alive again.
I will come into your dreams
and your soul will feel
hellish torments"
Agya came to his village.
Touch of death was seen
in his eyes.


Poem inspired by traditional Ghanaian tales

Do We Inspect What We Expect?
Final Excerpt from "Darker Than" - 3 of 3

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