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Publishing Mayhem

With so many individuals realizing their goal to be a published author through the help of self publishing tools, print on demand services, and small publishers alike, it is a wonder that the basics are still falling by the wayside. We have entered the land of publishing mayhem. Like any business, the road to success in becoming an author is not realized without hard work and dedication. So why then are so many still jumping in blind to the basics? Writing should be the easy part but what comes after will take many hours of training and a good dose of that thing we call reality check. You wrote an awesome book. That may be a true statement but does it mean that everyone will immediately flock to your product? Chances are no. You must build your brand and following from the ground up. There are many books in the sea. How will you separate your work from the pack? Publishing involves more than just packaging a book for sale.  

When it comes to seeking a publisher, education goes a long way in ensuring one does not enter into a deal that will do no more than front them the cash for a book cover, typesetting, and editing. One of the key terms that many new authors fail to consider is DISTRIBUTION. It is a self publishers nightmare as limited resources and connections could very well present a huge challenge for authors with so much potential, self included. When entering the publishing mayhem it is wise to ask key questions about how your work will be distributed and reach the hands of buyers. Ingram will not establish a direct connection with publishers of fewer than 10 titles and Baker & Taylor focuses heavily on proven demand. Let's say you overcome the obstacles. It will not help to get that nice distribution account with the likes of Ingram and Baker & Taylor if you can't:

1. Find your market and price accordingly

2. Interest buyers in placing orders and closing the sale

3. Financially meet the demand

4. Keep your titles in print

5. Demonstrate staying power and thus anticipation for future releases

Publishing mayhem has taken over but you don't have to fall through the cracks. If you are going to take a crack at self publishing, get suited up with helpful resources such as:

The Complete Guide to Self Publishing by Marilyn Ross and Sue Collins

This is one of many titles that will help you get on the right track. If you are seeking a publisher, make sure you do your homework and read over your contract thoroughly. Understand what you want and be clear on what you are getting to make sure there is a right fit.

Happy Writing,

Envy Red  

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