African American or American African, what are you? Now prove it.

African American or American African, what are you?  Now prove it.



Lately I’ve been doing some research on the next topic for my blog show Open Book, when it occurred to me that most Blacks in America are illiterate and love it.  That’s scary.  As a producer of a blog that feature professionals in the literary world, I noticed there is a large amount of writers who choose not to understand the process of know reading, writing and thinking.  It astonishes me that so many Blacks today are no different then those who were so-called freed in 1865.  I mean there is a large amount of lost individuals out here propagating ignorance on whole new level.  Why?  I can give you millions of reason why but you only need one.  Truth is, it’s beneficial to others as it compensates us.  Much of y’all reading this is probably thinking, “This nigga done lost his damn mind this time” or “What the fuck are you talking about now!”.  

Now that I have pissed you off like I normally do, I have a simple question for you.  This is a simple thought provoking question that has been on my mind since I became a member of the Nation of Gods and Earths in 1993.  The question is, what are you: African American or American African?  Now before you jump too quick to answer like some of y’all doing right now, ask ya’self what is an African American.  Most Blacks don’t even know what an African is.  That’s scary!  It’s so scary that educated Blacks who called themselves African American don’t even know what that is.  You don’t believe me?  Good.  Try it and see.  Go up to any Black person and ask them to point out an African American and prove it.  Don’t be surprised at the results.  

Why ask such a simple question?  Well if it’s so simple how come you don’t have a simple answer and does it refer to you?  I’m happy to say that slavery is still in existence in America and I can easily recognize it because it never was abolished.  Or you can abolish it when you don’t NEED to enforce it after you’ve trained the people who you want to keep enslaved to willingly depend on you and not trust themselves.  How?  What is the most common word Blacks used to address themselves that has no liberating meaning to Europeans?  BLACK.  Not Nigga, Negro, Nigger, nor Slave, it’s Black.  Nigga, Negro, Nigger mean black by definition.   My question is what’s the meaning of Black?  It has not surprised me that after 520 years of western world dominance, Europeans have not come up with an accurate definition of Black.  Now you ask why would it matter what they think?  Who do you think called you Black in the first place?  Why?  In Africa there is a saying, “Name one piece of land on earth called Black”.  You have the Black Sea, but no land on earth named Black.  They even changed Kemet to Egypt, then made sure it was forbidden to be taught to you.  Kemet means Black Land.  But what if Europeans wanted to truly reenact slavery and they will, they now can easily give a definition to word that matches a people just by characteristics it took 520 yrs to “train”.  

If you look up Black in the dictionary now, does it match the way Blacks dwell in a Eurocentric society today?  Yes!  Black is now a Eurocentric word.  You better believe it!  Black is now Eurocentric word with Europeans creating an accurate meaning which works in a Eurocentric court of law and field of science.  Think about it, Europeans had to destroy your society then put theirs in to make sure you never fit in.  Don’t believe me?  Good!  Y’all do know I’m also Choctaw Nation, my youngest son is Houma Nation?  Yes and government told me that!   Ain’t that some shit!  The Indigenous Nations of this country were wiped out the exact same way!  To convince other European Nations to aid in wiping them out Indigenous People had to be called savage.  When if fact the Indigenous Peoples are most peaceful people on earth and the people who killed them are the most destructive.  

Now back to the question at hand, what are you?  Can you prove it?  Who told it to you?  Who told them who told you?  If the people who are in the business of destruction and eradication are the people who are educating you and they cannot create anything else other than themselves then maybe you should get educated by the people who  created education.  Now are you an African American or American African?  Once you figured that part out, the most important question is, why?  Once you get that answer you’ll know if you’re a slave or not.  Peace.   

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