SAGGIN': NIGGAS spelled backwards, but going in the same direction.

Eugenics strikes again...


     85% of the public thinks this fashion statement is something new & original...bullshit!  No it's not original and it's part of a far more bigger plan than people do not wish to believe.  A friend on another social site made a post about Men wearing sagging pants and how it disturbs her.  She posted it 1 day  ago when this has been going on since the early 90's.  Remember Easy E's track "We Want Easy"?  Y'all know that was Easy's & The D.O.C's (yeah it's true) baby mama R&B vocalist Michell'e asking the famous line "Easy, why you wear your pants like that?"  Y'all know Easy is not turning over in his grave, he's digging his way out to pull the pants up on all these men today!  Or maybe he was trying to tell us something.  He did die of AIDS and Dr. Dre is blatantly rumored to be homosexual so maybe there was more going on than we know it?  Anyway, Black people have once again fell for the new epidemic that is destroying the reproduction rate of my race on a daily basis.  In the 80's & 90's it was the crack epidemic (crime), in the 70's it was the police (justifiable racism).  Now it's a combination of them all with one key factor I thought would never be a major concern but it's real and's homosexuality!  Some of y'all are probably thinking, "He's another paranoid homophobe!" or "Nigga, it ain't that serious!  Go to sleep or something!"  Well I can't!  And I ain't!  Deal with it.  

     See I recently moved from Atlanta GA to DC.  When I got to the ATL in 2010 it was a culture shock!  What the f@ck happened?  Look, I'm from New Orleans LA, land of the big butts, big hips, thick thighs and pretty smiles ya heard me?!  But ATL took that title by 1st round knockout!  The women there are so fine they make you feel bad if you married a woman from another state.  Your girl looked good in Cleveland or Seattle but when you get to the're dissing her at the state line!  It's so many big butt pretty sistas out here I thought they were giving booties away at the DMV.  For real!  I thought it was a state requirement.  I say that to get y'all to see the set up, now here comes the K.O.

     You know most women move to the ATL to get away from straight men!  I found out the hard way.  As a videographer and cinematographer I meet people on the regular, especially women.  Most women who are single are homosexual (bi) in the ATL.  I wanted to know what happened.  All of them tell me that's the new rule of the south.  Rule!  You read it right.  Then it hit me.  I looked around to see most of the brothas wearing their pants below the ass.  I have uncles in prison for attempted murder and armed robberies and they did it too.  These men tell me that saggin means gay.  I used to sag in the 90's but I'm not gay.  They told me then.  Now the prisons changed their uniforms to overalls because it's out of control.  Wait!  Why is it out of control?  Now you see a bigger a problem.  

      Has it occurred to y'all what goes along with saggin'?  Oh no, it's gangsta.  Hell no, it's gay.  Gangsters don't act and dress like that.  Even pimps TODAY don't dress like that.  What do they have in common?  Staying rich, staying smart, staying tough, and staying out of jail but the key is to stay classy.  So why sag?  It's because that's the way Europeans want it.  Remember Easy E?  He's not responsible for Gangsta Rap.  Schoolly D and Kool G. Rap are the creators of gangster rap but they didn't call it gangster rap. Neither did NWA, they called it reality rap.  Even Afrika Bambataa applauded NWA in the press, remember?  NWA's #1 selling groundbreaking single Fuck Tha Police is not even a rap record.  It's a Hip-Hop record.  If you don't know the difference between Rap and Hip-Hop then you have been truly mislead.  It was an Ashkenazi Hebrew name Jerry Heller who created Gangster Rap.  Who did he manage...Easy E.  Jerry Heller's closest associates are members of the Council of Foreign Relations, now you see a connection.  

     Heller's group NWA, Niggas With Attitudes, (formerly know as Cru In Action and World Class Wrecking Crew) became an overnight sensation.  Now you have kids across the country committing the most simplest crimes and giving away their constitutional rights at the same time.  Genius, I must say.  Y'all do remember it was NWA who assaulted Sista Dee Barnes backstage at a release party.  What came after that, the East/West Coast Feud.  Funny how Heller's invention got men to disrespect women and show their asses to be tough.  How did it catch on so fast?  Real simple, they got paid for it.  Jerry Heller made more loot than any of them and still is.  Some of y'all don't remember Blacks were being conscious in Hip-Hop at the same time but no European made money off that though.  Hmmm?    

     Here it is 2012, these so-called artists today have made saggin' the necessity in the music industry.  Why did it last so long?  Everybody got paid including women who allowed themselves to be disrespected for a check.  It's really that simple.  Don't be mad at me for saying it.  Be mad at ViaCom for displaying it and calling it Hip-Hop, then giving an honor or reward for it.  When did we as a community agree that there should an award for "coonery buffoonery" by Europeans who didn't want to display our music in the first place?  I want them to come after me so I can set the record straight but they'll convince trained Blacks including the ones reading this article to come after me. For those trained slaves, you better have your A-game ready.  I said it in my last article, Europeans benefit while we get compensated for being NIGGAS.  There are other words for SAGGIN' but only literate people can spot them a mile away.  Segregation and discrimination. Now a nigger or Nigga can be identified and their culture can be used against them legally.  

     How?  It happened to Trayvon Martin, remember?  Trayvon was going die that night by Curious George Zimmerman or the Klanford Police Department away.  He looked suspicious!?  What's so suspicious?  Everybody talks about the hoodie, let a prosecutor ask George Zimmerman was Trayvon's pants sagging.  You'd have a riot before the verdict and George Zimmerman don't have to answer the question.   

     Eurocentrism works for only Europeans worldwide.  Everybody else who follows it will only be confused.  You can still be confused and still follow instructions.  Blacks are living testament to that and have been the role models for it the last 520 yrs.  It's how the Europeans dominated the world.  Remember, who did they travel with to other continents to conquer it?  Think about it for sec, it has been said not proven but said that Leif Ericsson and the vikings can here in 1000 AD.  Also St. Claire reached Nova Scotia in 1140 AD so they say.   But guess what?  Nothing happened, not true.  They got ran off the land because they were not civil or "looked" it.  Columbus brought 6 Muslims with him to America.  Before Columbus stepped on this land he had to wait 25 days until a Moor introduced him to anybody on this continent and the rest is history.  Remember it was Moors who enlightened Europeans. Once Europeans figured out they can only create themselves the only smart thing to do is enslaved the owners of the planet and train them to worship you.  That's just common sense!   

    Where's the confusion?  Blacks today worship a white god, despise each other, almost half of us engage in intercourse with the same gender of the same race we despise and commit genocide on command.  If that ain't confused then I'm Hillary Clinton!  So you see the main thought behind this article.  Blacks are confused and will continue to be confused until they reach a destination.  That destination is not determined by them but by the ones who have guided them through it the whole way.  Guess what?   They ain't Black at all. Now pull up your pants, start there. Maybe that will put us on the right road.   Peace.



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