Who has the authority to separate?
Who are the real owners of the place we call home? That's a question everyone should be asking in the next presidential election. I think of real common sense questions. Why is this so important? Well this photo was posted on another infamous website and linked to the page with a profile of me on it. What's interesting is this person wrote a caption stating the little girl in this photo was a criminal for being Black. Me, once again I totally disagree. Ruby Bridges would have lived a normal life but since she was forced to be among white kids is where all hell broke lose. This was during the Civil Rights movement. Educated Afrikans of the US today and during the movement agree that the Civil Rights movement was a farce. I'm 36 yrs old, my father told me how all his friends and family hated to be bussed to all white schools. As a matter of fact on my show Open Book, Mr. Antione Elliott age 55 mentions how he fought WHITE people in New York! So my question is who has the authority to separate anybody? How did that entity get the authority to force any separation and how did racism become a factor? Simple, the MisConception of Equality. Y'all like, what is this nigga talking about now! Who done got this nigga started?! See that's general consensus of me and my writings. Well if you ain't thinking it then I ain't doing my job. Now the MisConception of Equality, yes mis-"conception". Conception means understanding. So where's the misunderstanding? I'm not a racist, but like Tupac Shakur I'm a realist. Are all humans the same or equal? And who made that "decision" and why? The picture of Ruby Bridges is proof that there is a "working" misconception of equality. How? Because if we are all the same and equal then what's the point of separation? Right? Let's face it, for integration to work somebody has to determine who's going to benefit from it. Hence Supremacy! Someone is greater than someone else. White Supremacy is a business. And to create an idea that everyone should be like the someone is not a crime but the avenue of promoting it is especially if you are from the most recessive form of humanity. Has integration ever worked? How combined is integrated and how separate is segregated? Well for this planet to become populated as it has, something worked. From what I see, based on the Teachings of the Nile Valley Civilizations, integration and segregation worked for the development of the planet but the main difference was there wasn't any differences in race. Now should skin color or race play a role in determining who has any authority to separate anybody on this planet? Before you answer that, you might want to check the facts on who has been exclusively responsible for the separation of people on this planet the last 300 yrs and why? I'll admit it, Afrikans have been the first to separate themselves and forced others to separate from Afrika 300,000 years ago. In some cases it was for criminality and others left because of melanin deficiency. It's a celebrated Asian tradition because of both. Fraternities practice it all the time, you know "the crossing of the burning sands". Every religion uses it as the genesis story of their religions, why? Because it happened at least once. Fact, somebody kicked somebody out from somewhere to somewhere else. So who "naturally" has the authority to separate? White Supremacists know this answer. It's the people who can go anywhere on this earth and flourish. Guess who that is? Check the facts. Then tell me are we all really equal, so where can me and my skin go you can't? Now you understand the misconception, peace.