Who's blowing smoke?  Do you still support the story?
Where were you on September 11, 2001? Me? I had just came home from a 6 month Counter Drug Operation deployment in Central and South America. Yes, I was in the military...the navy. I was only home for 2 days and in New Orleans with my first wife buying food for my (step)daughter's birthday party. She was born on September 12, by the way. After the last plane crashed in Virginia I received a call from the government saying my leave was canceled and I was being deployed immediately to New York. My wife panicked in front of the Winn Dixie shoppers as they watched the news of the attack on TV. She was very upset that I had to go after being gone for 6 months. I gave her instructions on what to do if any other attacks occur. What scared me was I trained for the same attacks in Cuba earlier that year. At this point I cannot release any details of my involvement because I was forced to sign confidentiality statements on the events and investigations thats involved with 9/11. All I can say on this is my job wasn't about looking for survivors or aiding in the rescue efforts.(Hint) The military ain't for everybody, especially honest people. I was a military police officer. We do more than bring back AWOLs and drunken sailors back to the base. As a matter of fact my first five criminal cases were suicides and suicide is not even a crime. Anyway I wanted to give you a glimpse of why I write what I write. Now Carlos Muhammad of LUV4Self asked a question for his forum pertaining to 9/11 and who maybe responsible. Now here it is 2012 and 99% of the people who commented on his forum believed it was the government. Me? You know I gotta set it straight! At first I was going to agree with them but then I thought about what I know and what I was doing then. Which is why I'm writing this article. First off, how could anyone believe it was the government who did it and STILL support it? That's the most stupi...hypocra...ignora...asini...imbeci...retar...screw it! I can't even get the words out! Yes, I said "still" support it! You better quote me on that. To show and prove I'm correct, how long has the conflicts in West Asia been going on? I don't say Middle East or Persian Gulf, that sounds stupid. That's like Mid South or Upper North, Americans say stuff like that. Maybe that's why they'll support anything that's NOT constructive. This ain't new to Americans. Stuff like this happens every 4 years. You know the federal government bombed the same buildings years earlier. Yes, I said the federal government bombed the same buildings years earlier. Check the facts! When, not if, you know someone is going to kill someone and you supply him with the weapon but he tells you he wants a fake weapon then YOU insist he uses the real weapon YOU gave him...what does that make you? Want to hear something even funnier? You paid him to kill the person! This is the story of Emad Salam. Do your research. Throughout the history of the US, this government concocts events like this to spend your money by creating an enemy within YOU first. Yeah, the government has to create an enemy within you first! Y'all like "Okay, now this nigga is on some serious bullsh*t! Alright Q, you can go back to sleep now. Grown folks are talking." I know, but y'all forgot about the Napoleonic Wars, the British Revolution (War of Independence to the US) and the War of 1812. Those wars are important because the unified support of expansion. You know, say like controlling "oil" and "opium" in someone else's territory for example. But anyway you need an enemy. There's a difference between an enemy and a villain. An enemy is someone or something you oppose. So what's the definition of oppose? Something you actively resist to comply with and or to disapprove of and attempt to prevent. Sounds familiar? C'mon man! Blacks call it "playa hating". Who does Eurocentric Blacks hate more than anybody...themselves. That's a European thing. Now what's the definition of villain? A person or persons capable of a crime or wickedness. Who does that sounds like? Need I say more? As long as you have a social regime that's in the business of manufacturing villains by turning into YOU into your own worst enemy first then that same regime is going to get away with mass murder every time. They call it a smoke screen. Prove me wrong. You can't. So how in the hell could anyone believe this federal government was responsible for 9/11, Pearl Harbor, the Vietnam War, Enduring Freedom, Gulf War, the Korean War, f*ck it! Lets just say all the global conflicts from the 18th to the 20th century alone, but you STILL support its same diplomacy since 1787. Seriously, stop and think for a minute. Think for yourself, stop letting someone else think for you. One thing about DOUBT, there's always truth to it. Now Blacks got an African American president and this man let the most profound mass murders off the hook! Jesse Jackson called him on it but y'all scorned Jesse for it. Jesse (no tie) was part of the Dr. King assassination so he still has credibility issues but this time playa hating was used correctly. What's an even harder slap in the face is this president mentioned in a national address that the last president caused the current situation this country is in. Yet he doesn't want to file criminal charges against anyone for the sake of national security. If I was GW Bush, I'd pull this president's card then tell him "Watch ya mouth. I "took" 8 years. If you want another 4 more, stay in your place." Hey, I keep it 100. G Dub was a no joke. Believe that! Back to my point, if all these politicians blame each other for scandals or outcomes from past terms in office how come they don't file any charges or attempt it. What's the point? This president just blew 750 billion dollars! But during WW2, auto workers became tank builders. You couldn't take 750 billion to build a nation wide public transportation system? Point is this, YOU voted for it. I don't vote, never did and never will. Until you get this government to change entirely, 9/11 and everything behind it is suppose to happen. Just because you elect an intelligent politician doesn't mean you're intelligent. It just mean the tactics they use to convince you are going to be more elaborate. But don't be mad at this regime if you still support it regardless. You ain't fooling anyone but yourselves. Peace.