Do you feel you deserve success?

Do you feel you deserve success?

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As you know I am a prolific listener of books by new age thinkers. Mostly because they always give me a new prospective... right now I am listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer and although I have just been listening casually to the book. Something he said rang a cord in me this morning and the more I thought about it the more I wondered. He was quoting Neville Goddard on the basis of feelings and how important it is to feel that you deserve whatever goals you have set for yourself, the reason being that if you cannot feel as if you are, then you will not be.  I drove for a few minutes listening to the wisdom behind the thought, turned the radio off and really thought about it. Do we ever really feel like the path we have chosen to follow is the right one for us? That we deserve success or are we just saying the words and going through the actions never really expecting the wanted outcome.  Of course you deserve success, but do you like feel it, really deep down in your bones?

How do you feel? Do you feel as if your work deserves to be in the spotlight? How would you feel if you had what you wanted already? How would you act? Are you acting that way now? Would you act different?  Right now could you stand shoulder to shoulder with the peers from the upper echelon of your chosen path and be comfortable?

Knowledge is power but so is your view of the outside world. The fact is that if you are not feeling as if you belong, chances are you may never belong where all that knowledge could take you.


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